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1929, 24 Jan 24

Hunter’s Million-Dollar Artwork

Yes, this is bribery and/or money laundering in broad daylight. Smart to use art because the value of art is extremely subjective. But I guarantee you that Hunter’s paintings will never be in a museum or sold at auction for more than they were originally purchased. Never.

Hunter Biden’s paintings have sold for $1.5 million and he received nearly $5 million in loans to cover taxes and living expenses, according to House transcripts from the Republican investigation of the president’s son.


Two of Biden’s top allies − a Los Angeles gallery owner and a Hollywood attorney and novelist − revealed those financial details to the House GOP involved in those probes. The gallery owner who sold the paintings, George Berges, and California lawyer Kevin Morris, who loaned the money, both told the House committees they did not discuss their business with the White House or seek favors.


1929, 24 January 2024


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