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1648, 21 Dec 23

Harvard Endorses Cheating

Academic rigor is not something celebrated or even required at Harvard.

Harvard University, in the face of mounting questions over possible plagiarism in the scholarly work of its president, Claudine Gay, said Wednesday that it had found two additional instances of insufficient citation in her work.


The issues were found in Gay’s 1997 doctoral dissertation, in which Harvard said it had found two examples of “duplicative language without appropriate attribution.”


Last week, Harvard said an earlier review had found two published articles that needed additional citations, and that Gay would request corrections.


1648, 21 December 2023


  1. Merlin

    Um, it all depends upon just how special you are. Or aren’t. If you checked as many boxes as Claudine Gay you’d be a golden trophy too!

  2. Jason

    > it all depends upon just how special you are.

    And therein is the absolute falsehood of the Left and their stupid shit like DEI and “White Supremacy”. Any critical thinking person can see the dichotomy.

  3. Merlin

    It really is fascinating to watch them indulge the absurdities of their new religion and just carry on as if nobody notices. As if they don’t possess even a hint of self awareness. I’ve always thought The Emperor’s New Clothes was just a folktale. I guess not.

  4. Mike

    We have a president that had to withdraw from his first presidential campaign because of plahiarism. It’s just another talent for a lefty.

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