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2121, 03 Dec 23

Evers’ Office Tries to Squash Story About Workplace Sexual Favoritism

This story is amazing. Hat tip to Wisconsin Right Now for digging this up.

In an epic 1,312-word email to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ Communications Director Britt Cudaback demanded that the state’s largest newspaper censor information about her alleged romantic relationship with Evers’ powerful Chief of Staff Maggie Gau, arguing that publishing the information could lead to anti-LGBTQ violence.




The central argument in Cudaback’s email to Bice was that the newspaper should not write about an alleged supervisor-subordinate romantic relationship between public employees if those people are not heterosexual, as if a person’s sexual orientation renders them immune from any questions about their public roles.


“We decline to comply with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s demands that we take the extraordinary and unprecedented step of answering questions that could disclose staff members’ potential LGBTQ status and identity for publication in the state’s newspaper of largest readership,” Cudaback wrote Bice in August 2023.




Cudaback even claimed publishing the abuse of power allegations could lead to Evers’ staffers being stalked, as she fielded Bice’s questions, which he was trying to direct to Gau. The email implied there was “no journalistic value or legitimate public interest” to whether Gau and Cudaback were dating.


That’s even though Cudaback admitted, “The communications director (Britt Cudaback) has reported directly to the chief of staff (Maggie Gau), and that continues to be the case.”

It does seem that many gay folks have long since moved passed wanting equal treatment to wanting special treatment – including being immune from public scrutiny that would have any heterosexual couple facing job or legal action.

I would note that despite this story being out for weeks, neither Governor Evers nor Maggie Gau have taken any action to rectify it. Were I another employee in that office, I would be suing the state for workplace discrimination and a hostile work environment… and I’d win.


2121, 03 December 2023

1 Comment

  1. Merlin

    Dems have convinced their flock(s) that they’re all very special, but the truth is that some are just more equal (and with better equity) than others. Since they always play with OPM their misbehavior never results in personal sacrifice. They’re so well insulated from real consequences they no longer even bother trying to justify their misbehavior. They’ve got this dicked. For now.

    Sooner or later even the lesser special lefties are going to object to their better’s behavior.

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