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2125, 26 Nov 23

Asian-Americans Continue to Face Discrimination from Ivy Schools

Disgraceful. Given what we have seen from the Ivy schools lately, I would serious question hiring any of them. They are not admitting the best of the best and they are putting out a bunch of radicalized bigots.

The admissions consultant described what it takes to get into an elite college: Take 10 to 20 Advanced Placement courses. Create a “showstopper project.”


Asian American students need to be extremely strategic in how they present themselves, “to avoid anti-Asian discrimination,” the consultant, Sasha Chada of Ivy Scholars, said at the October webinar to an audience of mostly Asian parents and students.




In the first college application season since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down affirmative action, Asian American students are more stressed out than ever. Race-conscious admissions were widely seen to have disadvantaged them, as borne out by disparities in the test scores of admitted students — but many feel that race will still be a hidden factor and that standards are even more opaque than before.




At seminars like Chada’s around Southern California this fall, some held in Korean or Mandarin for immigrant parents, consultants reinforced the message — even students with superhuman qualifications are regularly rejected from Harvard and UC Berkeley.


2125, 26 November 2023

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  1. dad29

    There is a VERY long list of highly successful Americans who did NOT graduate from an Ivy. In fact, there’s an equally-long if not longer list of highly successful Americans who do not have a college degree, period.

    The long list of Ivy grads, however, is more and more associated with anti-democratic movements, rioters, and exploitation of Americans through such devices as “climate change” and “spread democracy worldwide.”

    The contrast could not be clearer.

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