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1950, 22 Nov 23

Wisconsin Deer Harvest Way Down

We’re going to be closing in on two million deer pretty fast.

MADISON (AP) — A lack of snow and warm temperatures that suppressed deer movement led to a lackluster opening weekend of Wisconsin’s nine-day gun season, with hunters killing thousands fewer deer than last year.


The state Department of Natural Resources released preliminary data Tuesday that showed hunters registered 92,050 deer compared with 103,623 deer last year.


That’s a 16% drop-off from 2022 and 10% fewer deer than the five-year average for opening weekend. Hunters also registered 51,870 bucks, down 13% from 56,638 over opening weekend in 2022.


The number of potential hunters didn’t vary much from last year, however. The DNR reported that sales of all deer licenses stood at 774,369 as of midnight Sunday, with 421,525 of those licenses exclusively for gun use. Overall, sales of all deer licenses were down 0.61% from the same time last year.


1950, 22 November 2023

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  1. jsr

    My sister reports that the family deer harvest was up a bit – ten deer on Saturday among as many hunters. I will admit that our harvest used to increase when it was colder as more hunters got cold and started moving around and scaring deer across our hunting areas.

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