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2116, 15 Oct 23

Tense at Harvard

Yeah, things tend to get a little uncomfortable when you voice support for monsters who flew into towns to rape grandmas and behead babies. Funny that.

After the statement was released, Jewish student groups pushed back and accused them of supporting the Hamas attack. Students in the pro-Palestinian groups have denied those claims and said the statement was misinterpreted.


“This is the most tense campus has ever been by far,” Hejir Rashidzadeh, a Harvard law student, told ABC News.




Students alleged to be in those student groups are now facing intense backlash on campus and online. Students in pro-Palestinian groups and in the Jewish community at Harvard told ABC News they are feeling scared and isolated.




“Imagine feeling like the place that you’re from is going to get wiped off the map. I feel certain that in a week I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be that Gaza has been flattened and that there is nothing left. I can’t breathe. I can’t see.”

The Palestinians attacked across the border into Israel. When you are the aggressor, you can’t whine when someone punches back.


2116, 15 October 2023


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