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1704, 29 Sep 23

Automakers Can’t Meet Onerous Government Regulations

Just remember that as Biden mouths support for auto workers, he is actively killing off their jobs.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The Biden administration proposal to hike fuel economy standards through 2032 is not feasible and could cost automakers a total of more than $14 billion in fines, an automotive group said Friday.


The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which represents General Motors, Toyota Motor, Volkswagen, Hyundai and others, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Corporate Average Fuel Economy proposal “exceeds maximum feasibility” and that the agency projects “manufacturers will pay over $14 billion in non-compliance penalties between 2027 and 2032”.


The fines would impact one in every two light trucks and one in every three passenger cars in 2027-2032, the group added.


A separate document viewed by Reuters said the Detroit Three – GM, Ford Motor and Chrysler-parent Stellantis – would face about $10 billion in CAFE fines in that period.


1704, 29 September 2023


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