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1435, 17 Sep 23

The Non-Spy Balloon?


It was surely the most bizarre crisis of the Biden administration: America’s top-of-the-line jet fighters being sent up to shoot down, of all things, a balloon – a Chinese spy balloon that was floating across the United States, which had the nation and its politicians in a tizzy.


Now, seven months later, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, tells “CBS News Sunday Morning” the balloon wasn’t spying. “The intelligence community, their assessment – and it’s a high-confidence assessment – [is] that there was no intelligence collection by that balloon,” he said.


1435, 17 September 2023


  1. dad29

    Lying. It’s what the Joint Chairman does.

  2. Jason

    Remember when it was said that they were able to go back in time and know that “it” happened multiple times during the Trump years? I knew that was nothing by lying dog faced pony soldiers back then.

  3. Merlin

    Why did this have to come from the highest ranking uniformed political tool? They couldn’t find some junior Air Force public affairs flunky to make such a lame announcement? Despite all of that chest salad he wears Milley’s credibility is nonexistent. Might as well admit it, retire the uniform, and just wear a suit.

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