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1848, 11 Sep 23

Where is the Jan 6 Footage?

Just release all of the footage online. Transparency is the best antiseptic. The “security” excuse for not releasing it is BS. I expect that some politicians and staffers just don’t want us to see how they reacted that day.

When Democrats controlled the House, they resisted releasing the entirety of the footage, arguing that doing so would be compromising to the security of the US Capitol complex. Even so, certain clips have made their way into documentaries about that day and played a prominent role in the public hearings staged by the January 6 committee last year.


When Republicans retook the chamber, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson exclusive access to the footage — resulting in the broadcast of a distorted narrative of the day’s events that angered even fellow Republicans.


But now, the Committee on House Administration has opened up access to the footage more broadly, allowing reporters, certain non-profit groups, January 6 defendants, and those who were injured during the riot to view the footage.


1848, 11 September 2023

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  1. dad29

    If “China Mitch” McConnell thought it was distorted, then Tucker’s presentation was the truth.

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