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1656, 06 Sep 23

Evers’ Party Office

Belling’s take is spot on. I hope they keep digging.

I truly think it’s possible that Evers is so clueless about life that he didn’t know you can’t do these things anymore. For him, maybe it’s still the 1960s. Maybe his office is like the one on “Mad Men” where all the big shots were scoring with their secretaries. But Democrats who know Evers say he’s obviously aware of what contemporary rules are, having been a school superintendent and all. If so, why is Evers enabling his chief of staff’s hookup with a high-ranking underling?


Gau is super-powerful. Evers is an often absent and absent-minded governor. Gau runs the governor’s office and is a micromanager. She makes all decisions on everything. Evers is almost a figurehead. Maybe Evers simply delegated the decision on Gau’s link with Cudaback to Gau herself. Maybe Evers is so terrified of losing Gau that he can’t say no to her.


What will sure be interesting are Cudaback’s performance reviews should an open records request get them to surface. Or, state paid travel vouchers. Were the taxpayers paying for both to travel on business in which only one was needed? Bice’s report quoted other Evers staffers and Democrats as being uncomfortable with the whole situation and said they were uneasy about criticizing Cudaback because of her special role in Gau’s life.


1656, 06 September 2023

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  1. Merlin

    This situation is the very essence of today’s Democrats. Rules for thee but not for me.

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