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2117, 19 Aug 23

Democrat Slams Proposed Student Loan Handout


“I stand by my vote and my opposition to forking out $10,000 to people who freely chose to attend college,” he said. “They were privileged to have the opportunity, and many left college well-situated to make six figure salaries for life. The Twitterati can keep bemoaning their privileged status and demanding handouts all they want, but as far as I’m concerned if they want free money for college, they can join the Marines and serve the country like I, and so many others, have in the past and many more will in the future.”


“If they want a career and hard skills without college debt, they should join a union and enter an apprenticeship,” he continued. “But if they choose to attend college, they can pay back their loans just like working class people pay back home mortgages, car loans, and many other expenses that people choose to take out loans for.”


2117, 19 August 2023

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  1. Tuerqas

    Wow, the debt relief initiative is just a win-win-win for Democrats isn’t it? It’s no wonder they are not quitting on the idea.
    1) The obvious, to get votes from the faux intelligentsia.
    2) Gets the education arm of the Dem Party a continual pump of money to raise new li’l Dems in schools at all levels.
    3) It is a genius money laundering scheme for the Democratic Party. Continue to raise the education money pool even with enrollment dropping, pay all your Dem education followers for the rest of their lives, make everyone suffer the cost for higher education rather than the ones receiving it. We don’t just pay the Universities a portion of our taxes, we are now going to pay the tuition portion of the bills too. We thought we were already paying too much for the bad quality of higher and lower education, now we get to pay it all, with the exception of the responsible conservatives who paid off their debt ASAP.

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