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0648, 09 Aug 23

Legacy Admissions Come Under Fire

Meh. I don’t have any problem with preference for legacy families. It’s no different than a store offering a coupon or perks for frequent shoppers.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to ban the consideration of race in college admissions has put pressure on institutions to end another controversial practice: preferences for children of alumni.


In Wisconsin, few colleges and universities consider “legacy” status in admissions decisions, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review. And because most Wisconsin schools accept far more students than they reject, it’s likely many legacy students would have gotten in regardless of their family’s history of attendance.


But there’s another way in which legacy can benefit already advantaged students: Some schools offer scholarships specifically for students with a family member who graduated from there. At least 13 Wisconsin institutions do, according to the news organization’s review of 28 school scholarship websites.


0648, 09 August 2023


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