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1852, 30 Jul 23

Nazis in Watertown?

In what appears to have been an attempt by the FBI or ANTIFA (or some such group) to generate controversy and distract from the fact that there were kids attending a highly-sexualized drag show in a park, a bunch of dudes in khaki pants and black face coverings, showed up in Watertown chanting and waving Nazi flags. The response has been interesting.

First, let’s try to figure out why a photojournalist, from New York just happened to be in little Watertown, WI to stumble upon a bunch of alleged Nazis protesting a drag show. Odd, eh? Her video shows her staying at a hotel, so it doesn’t look like she was visiting family or anything. Then she was back in New York within 24 hours. Strange, eh?

Putting that aside, the reaction has been telling. People’s reactions fell into two basic camps. Leftist activists immediately jumped on the videos decrying Nazis and painting the picture that only Nazis would oppose drag shows in front of kids. This was the intended reaction of the alleged Nazis staging the event. Almost to a person, Righties immediately identified the alleged Nazis as fake – FBI or some leftist group – pretending to be Nazis in order to give Leftists an excuse to have reaction #1 above.

What’s the truth? I think that the alleged Nazis were fake. We have seen Nazi protests for my entire lifetime and before. They tend to be pretty proud of their bigotry and don’t mind showing their faces. They also don’t usually wear slacks, but they DO usually have swastika flags that are replicas from the Third Reich – not goofy black and white versions. So yes… this seems staged and just in time for the runup to a presidential election.

Am I cynical? You bet I am. Experience will do that to you.




1852, 30 July 2023


  1. dad29


    Yah, the Tan Pants Fakers. They show up in a lot of places–which raises another question: where do they get the cash to drive/fly all around the country to put on these little shows?

  2. Merlin

    Those are some pretty sharp creases in those khakis. Screams feds of some variety. LEO indifference to openly displayed firearms would indicate prior briefing on certain attendees, eh? Oakleys. GoPros. Flags look brand new and a bit stiff. Not exactly a small budget appearance.

  3. dad29

    Well, Merlin, Jessica McBride has told you off–see her “news” story today on the topic. You could also see my entry wherein we show her to be a hypocrite and shockingly incurious about the funding of the Tan Pants Brigade.

  4. Merlin

    I could be wrong, but I’ll stick with the probability of federal law enforcement trolling for new local/regional white supremacist connections. They’ve been doing similar infiltration and intelligence gathering operations against these nutter groups for decades. Seems to work quite well, but it’s not like they’re matching wits with Mensa members, are they?

    For someone who fancies herself an investigative journalist it does seem as though Ms. McBride could stand to be a great deal more observant and at least a bit more curious. Wasn’t her partner formerly a local LEO? Maybe he can explain how interagency cooperation/coordination works and why those out-gunned local LEOs weren’t at all concerned about those Neo-Nazi firearms being flashed around. Seems to me like something glaringly obvious that a curious mind would question.

  5. dad29

    They operate that “news” site for two reasons: 1) wave the Feminist Flag as long and loud as possible. 2) Report the news the way the police union wants it reported and no more. With P’s connex to the cop shop, he could report on the number of illegals arrested for DUI, murder, mayhem, theft……….etc. But he doesn’t. Not part of his narrative, so who cares?

    I’m willing to believe that the Tan Pants were FEEBS. I’m more persuaded that they are informants/recruiters. In the end, though, I think they were not connected to LEO at all; they were false-flaggers bought and paid for by the Groomer bunch: the trannies and child-molesters. That’s where my money is.

  6. Mar

    Mike, where was that at?

  7. Merlin

    The kid is being charged with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest. These cell videos often lack context, but it looks like he declined an initial opportunity to continue sans amplification. We have no idea if there were prior warnings or not, but the kid was less than cooperative. If you’re squawking about your rights while cops are explaining an ordinance violation to you it’s usually not going to be a winning strategy. Even so, the resisting arrest charge is probably a stretch.

  8. dad29

    the resisting arrest charge is probably a stretch.

    Typical. Over-charge and plead out easy.

  9. Mike

    Mar, This was at the same event in Watertown, Here is an article with a little more info.

    This was also the 4th arrest, apparently, From the article:

    ““The police, per orders from city leaders, arrested several young people. Three were arrested earlier in the day while inside the park praying and talking to attendees, and then released with warnings,” said Storms”

    These three had their right to free speech curtailed and right to due process denied also as they were later released with a warning.

    Apparently the “Nazis” were left to roam free while Christians were forcibly shut down. Watertown has to answer for this.

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