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1937, 25 May 23

SCOTUS Sides with Grandma

Excellent. Government should not profit on the misery of the citizens.

WASHINGTON − The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously sided with a 94-year-old grandmother who lost her home to foreclosure and then lost the equity she had in the property when the county sold it and kept the profit.


Minnesota County sold Geraldine Tyler’s condo for $40,000. Instead of returning the $25,000 difference between the sales price and what she owed in back taxes, the county pocketed the balance and used the extra money for forest development, county parks, and recreation programs.


In a unanimous opinion handed down less than a month after the justices heard arguments, Chief Justice John Roberts held that the Tyler had a plausible case that the county violated the Constitution’s takings clause.


“The taxpayer must render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but not more,” Roberts wrote.


1937, 25 May 2023


  1. Jason

    That’s gotta sting for those lower court judges… A unanimous decision against both of theirs? Ouch.

  2. dad29

    Some–myself included–are betting that the lower courts deliberately tossed it to SCOTUS so there would never be another rape-by-Government like this again.

    Well, we know that rape-by-Government WILL happen again, but it feels good knowing that the Government is wrong.

  3. Jason

    >but it feels good knowing that the Government is wrong.

    Unless you listen to Chuck Schumer… And his myopic take on unanimous supreme court rulings… That MAGA extremist court that is eroding all the great things. Fucking moron.

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