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1818, 25 May 23

Biden Wants Your Gas Stove

Sure, we have generational inflation, an open border, collapsing cities, global threats… but let’s hyperregulate gas stoves out of existence. Green policy really is a watermelon.

On Jan. 31, the DOE released the first proposal to limit the energy consumption of gas stoves, which are used in roughly 40% of American households. Compared with the least-efficient stoves on the market, the rule would increase efficiency by 30%.




The Biden administration is pursuing what it calls a “whole-of-government approach to the climate crisis” that entails regulating fossil fuels through every avenue possible, and the DOE is also required by law to require efficiency gains in consumer products.




“Fifty percent of the market will not comply with DOE’s rule. That is a substantial amount of gas cooktops,” said Matthew Agen, chief regulatory counsel for energy at the American Gas Association. “Of the higher-end cooktops, professional-grade cooking products, about 96% will be wiped out. So a large percentage of the desirable products with the features that people are looking for will be wiped out.”


1818, 25 May 2023


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