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2000, 22 May 23

Michigan Shifts Burden of Proof to the Accused


The new law, also known as extreme risk protection orders, is expected to go into effect next spring. It will allow family members, police, mental health professionals, roommates and former dating partners to petition a judge to remove firearms from those they believe pose an imminent threat to themselves or others.


The judge would have 24 hours to decide on a protection order after a request is filed. If granted, the judge would then have 14 days to set a hearing during which the flagged person would have to prove they do not pose a significant risk. A standard order would last one year.

So if an ex-girlfriend accuses you of being unstable and a judge buys her line, it’s on you to prove that she’s wrong? This is modern American jurisprudence.


2000, 22 May 2023


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