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1930, 19 May 23

Texas to Charge Owners of Electric Vehicles More to Register Them

The tax man cometh.

EV drivers in Texas don’t pay at the pump, but will have to start paying a significant annual fee that critics are calling “punitive.”


Driving an electric vehicle in Texas is soon to become more expensive. Governor Greg Abbott signed a law (SB 505) on May 13 instituting new fees for registering and owning EVs in the state. Under the bill, electric car owners will have to pay $400 upon registering their vehicle. Then, every subsequent year, EV drivers will have to shell out an additional $200. Both of those fees are on top of the cost of the standard annual registration renewal fees, which are $50.75 each year for most passenger cars and trucks.


The law exempts mopeds, motorcycles, and other non-car EVs, and goes into effect starting on September 1, 2023.

Really, though, this is coming everywhere. Funding our road infrastructure with a gas tax doesn’t work in an EV world.



1930, 19 May 2023


  1. Mar

    You mean Texas doesn’t have a tax at the charging stations?
    Maybe they can charge picnic fees while they are waiting for such a long time to charge their car.

  2. Tuerqas

    Texas is the only state in the union that I have found to date whose .gov website charges for use. Wanna do a business look up in Texas? One dollar per search.

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