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1903, 19 May 23

Leftist criminal justice policies are killing us

Here is my full column that ran in the Washington County Daily News earlier this week. Sorry about the lack of posting this week. It’s been a busy time.

Eight minutes into a routine traffic stop for a suspected drunk driver, the suspect pulled out a gun and killed St. Croix County Sheriff’s Deputy Katie Leising. The 29-year-old new mother was the fourth officer murdered while on duty this year. At only five months into the year, it is already the deadliest year for police officers in 25 years.


The circumstances of Deputy Leising’s murder were eerily similar to the other three officers who were murdered this year. The suspect she was investigating was a multiple felon. Convicted for kidnapping and criminal sexual misconduct in 2015 in Minnesota, and with a long criminal record, he served just four years in prison before being released. With a history of violence and perhaps fearing another arrest, the suspect murdered Deputy Leising.


In April, Officers Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel of the Chetek and Cameron Police Departments, respectively, confronted a suspect with an open warrant in a traffic stop. The suspect had a history of domestic violence and opened fire on the officers. Both of the officers were killed.


In February, Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving was working with other officers to apprehend a robbery suspect. When they caught up to the suspect after a chase on foot, the suspect opened fire and killed officer Jerving. The suspect had a history of criminal behavior. In fact, the very week he killed officer Jerving, he had been sentenced for two counts of hit-and-run. He was sentenced to a scant four months, but the sentence was suspended meaning that he did not have to serve any time unless he violated his probation.


What’s going on? The increasing violence against law enforcement officers is a symptom of two sickening societal trends being driven by the political left.


The first trend is the intentional softening of our criminal justice system. With callous disregard for the victims of crime, the left has made a concerted effort in recent years to drive soft-on-crime policies while putting in place prosecutors, judges, and police leadership who use their positions to coddle criminals at every opportunity.


The left is so proud of their pro-crime positions that they are not shy about telling people. Gov. Tony Evers has a stated policy goal of halving the state’s prison population. The only way to do that is to let some criminals out early while preventing more from going in. Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm has a long history of advocating for criminal justice reform, the euphemism liberals use for soft-on-criminal policies. Chisholm’s “bail reform” initiative, which allows violent offenders to bail out of jail for little or no money, has led to criminals committing more crimes when they should have reasonably been in jail.


In each of the three incidents that led to the deaths of four officers this year, the murderers should have been in jail. We used to know that locking up violent criminals was the surest path to reducing crime. The left wants us to forget that fact, but the evidence is clear.


The second trend is the cultural contempt for police that the left is advocating. Every time there is a police-involved shooting, leftist politicians activists leap to blame the police and attack them with accusations of racism or misconduct before the guns have even cooled.


The left pushed the defund-the-police movement using rhetoric that the police were so fundamentally corrupt that they could not be reformed. They must be defunded and disbanded instead.


When leftist rioters burn down our cities, attack people, and occupy neighborhoods, leftist politicians and activists side with the rioters and prevent the police from keeping order.


Even with our children, the left teaches that police are inherently bad and corrupt. In the wake of the BLM movement, the Milwaukee Public Schools ejected all Milwaukee police officers from their schools and are boisterously rejecting Republican calls to let them return. How are Milwaukee’s public school kids supposed to respect police officers when they are being taught that the police are violent bigots?


The overall increase in crime driven by leftist policies, prosecutors and judges coupled with the leftist anti-police rhetoric is having the intended effect. More police officers are being murdered by violent criminals who no longer respect the police and should have been in jail anyway. The story of leftist rule is being written in blue and red.


1903, 19 May 2023


  1. MjM

    The Soros-backed law farce is starting to crack, from the forced-out utter idiot Kim Gardner in St. Louis to LA county’s Gascon who recently lost a $1.5 million retaliation lawsuit by a deputy DA and is now facing new suits by the families of two recently murdered police officers to Chicago’s gone I See Nuttin Kim Fox. These jackasses, along with all the other ‘reform’ law dicks, including MKE’s Chisholm do not merely have blood on their hands; they are standing in vats with blood up to their nostrils.

    It crack fast enough.


    Every time there is a police-involved [black person] shooting, leftist politicians activists [and media] leap to blame the police

    If it’s a white s person shot by police, they don’t give a shit.


  2. MjM

    Correction: [can’t ] crack fast enough.

  3. Mar

    The liberal policies are just racist.
    The most impacted by lack of throwing thugs in jail, who continue to terrorize communities are minorities.
    These policies would make Hitler laugh with delight.
    The liberal policies are no different than Hitler’s.
    Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jews.
    The liberals want to get rid people of color.
    Who commits most murders against minorities?
    Other minorities.
    What race gets aborted before birth?
    And we can go on.

  4. Tuerqas

    > Every time there is a police-involved [black person] shooting, leftist politicians activists [and media] leap to blame the police

    Be more specific. If it is a white cop killed by a black person, not a sound. It only matters if the VICTIM is black.

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