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2020, 08 May 23

Biden to Hyperregulate the Airline Experience

Sure, you can’t afford gas or a new home anymore, and your retirement savings are evaporating, but let’s micromanage the airlines to drive up the price of flying too. Biden… won’t give us what we want, but will give us what we didn’t ask for.

US President Joe Biden says he wants to implement new compensation rules for airline passengers impacted by flight delays or cancellations.

The rules would require airlines to pay impacted passengers beyond a ticket refund if the carrier is responsible for the disruption.

This may involve covering meals and hotels in the event that travellers are stranded, officials said.




“This rule would, for the first time in US history, propose to require airlines to compensate passengers and cover expenses such as meals, hotels, and rebooking in cases where the airline has caused a cancellation or significant delay,” Mr Buttigieg said in a statement.


The rules would also aim at defining what falls under a “controllable cancellation or delay” that is the fault of the carrier.

According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, delays caused by airlines could include issues related to maintenance or crew problems, aircraft cleaning, baggage loading or fuelling.


2020, 08 May 2023


  1. Mike

    It is all in line with eliminating fossil fuels and controlling population. They are working on eliminating road vehicles as a travel option by forcing EV’s. This push is aimed at making it unprofitable to run an airline.

    Trains will be next, and CA is already working on that by proposing regulations banning older engines like they have with trucks.

  2. dad29

    So if the airline, because of its shitty maintenance, is forced to disable a plane on which you hold a ticket, and that flight is NOT replaceable on the same day with roughly-similar arrival time at your destination and you are forced to spend the night in Left Bumf**k, the airline is NOT responsible for hotel/meals?

    I despise Biden, but I despise “Oh, so sorry!” airlines even more.

  3. Owen

    Yes, but this is ultimately an issue between a private business and a consumer. I don’t want the federal government dictating return and refund policies. As someone who flew on 100+ flights a year before covid and is ramping back up to that, I can count on one hand the number of times I got stuck somewhere I didn’t want to be. Talk about a 1st world problem… lol

  4. dad29

    an issue between a private business and a consumer.

    Of the times you were screwed blue and tattooed by a delinquent airline, what percentage were you granted the funds for overnight and meals?

    And–by the way–exactly what the hell could you do about it? Never fly “XYZ” again? Pish-posh.

  5. Merlin

    The vast majority of consequential delays are weather related.

    The hub and spoke system used by the major airlines works very well until lingering bad weather causes major delays at any of the hubs, then the cascading delays begin that absolutely wrecks the logistical positioning of aircraft and aircrews. Total recovery can take up to 48 hours. The logistical effects of major delays in Denver yesterday are still being felt in Chicago and Atlanta today. Doesn’t matter at all how nice the weather is in Chicago and Atlanta today if the aircraft needed for your flight didn’t get out of Denver yesterday. There’s a lot of logistical repositioning of empty aircraft that can occur overnight, but again, those repositioning crews have to be in the right place at the right time to be useful.

    If you want to watch aviation rock stars really earn their money get one of the aviation tracking apps and watch the 4-dimensional chess game pilots and controllers play with fast moving bad weather. You really should lump the aviation weather forecasters into that group too. Their accuracy in four hour windows is very impressive.

    Most air travelers have no idea what it takes to get them safely, if not timely, from point A to point B.

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