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2026, 10 Apr 23

Allowing Teachers to Arm Themselves is the Way

It’ll never make it into law, but it is the correct policy.

Rep. Scott Allen of Waukesha and Sen. Cory Tomczyk of Mosinee on Monday released a bill that would create an exception to the state’s law banning firearms on school grounds if the person holds a concealed carry license, is employed by the school, and the school board has adopted a policy that allows employees who are licensees to possess a firearm.


The proposal also waives for teachers the fees associated with obtaining a concealed carry license.


“School shootings are tragedies we hate to see. The reality is that schools are often soft targets for those looking to do harm. The knowledge that no one on the premise has the firepower to stop them emboldens bad actors,” Allen and Tomczyk wrote in a co-sponsorship memo to colleagues seeking support.


2026, 10 April 2023

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  1. Tuerqas

    i don’t remember where, but the school that recently lost two inadequately trained school officials to a kid shows me that I am unconvinced arming teachers is the way. One or two administrators with no class responsibilities may be the way, but I don’t really trust the teachers of today to hold the responsibility of the children’s lives and deaths in their hands as well as their education anyway. A lot of extra angles to be concerned about, imo.

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