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1129, 25 Mar 23

Violent Crook Who Paralyzed Woman Criticizes Victim

This is a tiny window into the modern street thug’s twisted mind. He has absolutely no remorse or concern… no capacity for empathy. Without a doubt, he will reoffend as soon as he is able to. He’s hoping that he gets a judge like Janet Protasiewicz.

‘The lady probably wants justice and some more ****. They’ll try to max me out 20 years basically. That *****. I ain’t going for it. The ***** already ran up $230,000 off GoFundMe. ***** better run on with her life,’ he railed.


‘Like, ***** you done run up $230,000. Look. They say she ran up $230,000 and she’ll be back walking in no less than a year,’ he is alleged to have said, according audio of the phonecall heard by ABC13.


‘We were snatching purses. I hopped out, snatched the purse, the lady ran with the money, I grabbed her, slammed her and she was paralyzed.’




‘My concern is for the public,’ said Douglas Griffith, President of Houston Police Officers Union.


‘If this kid gets out of jail, he is going to victimize more individuals. He does not care about anyone but himself, and for the judge to lower his bond baffles my mind. I can’t wrap my head around it. This kid is a danger to others and the community and needs to be locked up.’


1129, 25 March 2023


  1. dad29

    Umnnhhhh…..he already DID get the Houston version of Crazy-Eyes Spouse-Beater:

    Harrell’s bond had initially been set at $200,000 but it was lowered to $100,000 for the robbery charge.

    He was also charged in a separate robbery case just over a week later. The bond for that case was also lowered from $40,000 to $30,000.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Leftists have twisted society where the heinous perps are the victims. Just like Nashville shoorting.

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