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0730, 16 Mar 23

Janet “Punchout” Protasiewicz Accused of Elder Abuse

Wow. I admit that when I first heard about this story that I thought it was just campaign FUD put out by activists. Thankfully, Wisconsin Right Now posted the videos so that we could see the accuser in his own words. He is incredibly credible.

Short version: When Protasiewicz was in her 30s, she married a man in his 70s, allegedly verbally and physically abused him, and then he divorced her less than a year later. She sought a hefty payout in the divorce settlement.

Is she so soft on violent criminals because she sees herself in them? Is she so willing to let violent criminals off the hook as some sort of warped atonement for her own past behavior? Who is this person?

Go read the whole story. Watch the videos. Use your brain. Judge for yourself.

The former stepson of Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz alleges that Protasiewicz repeatedly assaulted her then-husband – his elderly father Patrick J. Madden – by allegedly slapping Madden with an open hand so hard that she left part of a handprint on his face and aggressively pushing the 70-year-old veteran judge so forcefully that he injured his shoulder and almost fell.


“I saw it with my own two eyes,” he said.

“It was physical abuse brought on and fueled by alcoholism,” Michael alleged. He said he would “absolutely” characterize the abuse as assaults by Protasiewicz. “I would say it was elder abuse.” He says he would be willing to testify under oath and challenged Protasiewicz to sit with him at a kitchen table with journalists and discuss


“She was belligerent and pushed him and slapped him dozens of times, dozens of times,” Michael Madden said in an interview this week. “It happened on a fairly regular basis. At night, the whole thing would kind of break down. He was, again, 70 years old.”

“The pushing was close to knocking him over.”

Michael was 35 then, only a year older than Protasiewicz when she married Patrick Madden in 1997. Patrick Madden was 70 when he married Protasiewicz, who was less than half his age.


0730, 16 March 2023


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