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2012, 11 Mar 23

Bank CEO Wants to Collude with Government to Illegally Monitor Americans

Given the recent news of bank failures, one would think that bank managers would be spending their time checking their books, running scenarios, and shoring up their assets. Nope. They are trying to inject themselves into how you live your life.

The new classification was first proposed in 2021 by Amalgamated Bank, a 100-year-old U.S. bank that seeks to be a socially responsible financial-services provider. In a statement, Amalgamated’s CEO, Priscilla Sims Brown, said that it was unfortunate that “an important measure to help law enforcement deter criminal activity and gun violence has been placed on hold,” but that just as the ISO took a few months to come around to the value of the code, she’s confident “the industry will implement this commonsense way to keep our communities safe.” In a conversation with TIME in December 2022, Sims Brown explained why she thinks the code would be effective.




However, when you follow a repeated practice of high-dollar amounts after taking out a number of new credit cards, I think there would be cause for questions, and those questions could lead to the detection of crime.

And what the hell is a “congressional amendment?”

Are you a supporter of the Second Amendment?


Absolutely. And every other congressional amendment for that matter.


2012, 11 March 2023


  1. dad29

    To any official of Amalgamated Bank, US history begins with Eugene Debs, or Samuel Gompers.

    All that other stuff is irrelevant.

  2. MjM

    Well, Sims started out as a “journalist”, so that’s why she knows all about those congressional amendments and also why she thinks this actually occurs….

    Q: “So gun traffickers go to a whole different bunch of stores in, say, New Hampshire, where it’s pretty easy to buy a gun and then go to, say, New York to sell them illegally?”

    A : “That’s right. In the Las Vegas [shooting], when those 59 people died, that individual spent $95,000 in gun stores prior to committing that crime, and he did it with new credit cards.

    Yes, traffickers happily and constantly expose their names and financials through applying for new credit cards all the time, then buy gobs of guns with them at at several different retail outlets requiring background checks each time, and go sell those guns to thugs at a discount.

    Sounds like a great investment scheme. Coming from a “banker”.

    Stephen Paddock had been buying guns since 1982. In the year before his LV massacre he bought 33. While he was a kiddie-porn watching alcoholic lunatic who also gobbled Valium, he was not a gun trafficker. He kept all his guns to himself. And he would not need to apply for new credit cards as he was, just prior to his complete melt down, worth $6-8 million. True, he gambled most of it away, but owned property in several different states and in the days before his rampage wired $100,000 in cash to his girlfriend.

    In 2021 [the year Simms became CEO] she said, one-third of the bank’s lending portfolio went toward climate- or sustainability-related projects. . – NYT

    Enthusiastically invested in DIE, they will.

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