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2003, 07 Feb 23

Gates Defends Use of Private Jet

IOW, you peasants who can’t afford to pay for offsets need to surrender modern living standards, but rich guys like him can pay the tithe for climate absolution.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, in an interview with the BBC, rejected accusations of hypocrisy for engaging in philanthropy and advocacy to address climate change, while generating outsized carbon emissions when he travels by private jet.


A British broadcaster, Amol Rajan, asked Gates in an interview that aired last Friday how he responds to criticism that he uses a private plane even though he has urged political and business leaders to act aggressively against climate change. Gates replied that he more than offsets his own greenhouse gas emissions by paying for the removal from the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas causing global warming.

“Well, I buy the gold standard, of funding Climeworks, to do direct air capture that far exceeds my family’s carbon footprint,” Gates said.


2003, 07 February 2023


  1. Mar

    Just more evidence that climate change is completely false

  2. Jason

    The lack of resonation with such a supposedly smart man… If he paid more than his share of bullshit offset fees AND didn’t fly around on a private jet… The world would be better that it is today – according to donkeys like him.

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