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0902, 04 Feb 23

Researchers Find Efficient Way to Extract Hydrogen from Seawater

I have much more optimism about widespread commercial use of hydrogen engines for energy than I do wind or solar. This is the kind of technology that should invite more investment.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide announced this week that they made clean hydrogen fuel from seawater without pre-treatment. Demand for hydrogen fuel, a clean energy source that only produces water when burned, is expected to increase in the coming years as the world (hopefully) continues to pivot away from fossil fuels. The findings could eventually provide cheaper green energy production to coastal areas.


“We have split natural seawater into oxygen and hydrogen with nearly 100 per cent efficiency, to produce green hydrogen by electrolysis, using a non-precious and cheap catalyst in a commercial electrolyser,” said Professor Shizhang Qiao, the team’s co-lead. Seawater typically needs to be purified before electrolysis splits it into hydrogen and oxygen. The team says its results, using cobalt oxide with chromium oxide on its surface as the catalyst, had similar performance to a standard process of applying platinum and iridium catalysts to highly purified and deionized water.

Compared to freshwater, seawater is an abundant resource, and the ability to extract hydrogen fuel from seawater without pre-treatment could save money. However, even if successfully scaled, it would likely only be practical for coastal communities with plenty of seawater — not so much for Iowa or Kansas.


0902, 04 February 2023


  1. Jason

    Hey, it’s also a great way to save Miami from being underwater by 2013. Or the Maldives by 2018!

  2. FantasiaWHT

    Calling it hydrogen “fuel” is misleading. It’s not an energy source (unless you’re talking fusion), but rather a better of way of storing energy. It’s a better battery, not a fuel.

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