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1931, 26 Jan 23

Fueling Electric Vehicles Now More Expensive Than Gas Vehicles


No longer needing to buy gasoline is one of the most convincing selling points for potential electric vehicle customers. It’s easy to conclude that owning an EV and recharging at home is cheaper than using a car powered by an internal combustion engine. The conclusion is correct if a driver switches powertrains between luxury vehicles, like going from a Porsche Macan to an electric Porsche Taycan.


However, a recent report from the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) found that fueling costs from mid-priced ICE-powered vehicles are lower than similarly priced electric vehicles. Combustion drivers pay about $11.29 per 100 miles on the road. EV drivers who charge up at home spend about $11.60 per 100 miles. The price difference is more dramatic for those who mainly recharge at stations. Frequent charging station users pay $14.40 per 100 miles.


1931, 26 January 2023


  1. Mar

    Electric vehicles are such a joke.
    We have a few charging stations where I live.
    I’ve seen the electric cars at the public stations for an hour or more charging their cars and occasionally, I’ve seen picnic baskets while the fools charge their cars.
    Sorry, I’ll take my 3 minutes to fill up my gas tank with gas.

  2. FantasiaWHT

    The finding that luxury EVs are significantly more price efficient seems odd at first, but when I thought about it, it makes sense. The high-end EVs go for the highest levels of energy efficiency, but high-end ICE vehicles often are the opposite – spacious tanks of cars with powerful, but not efficient, engines.

  3. jonnyv

    Nice way to massage the numbers here. They assume an average salary of 70K. Taking into account your “salary” in that time to fuel figure. If I made 70k a year, that is what I make AT MY JOB WHILE WORKING. Not before… not after hours. Assuming that people are unproductive during that time? Why do they not assume I am on my laptop in my car working while the car is charging? Plus assuming that you charge away from your house 40% of the time? If you own an EV, why would NOT be charging it at home almost EVERY NIGHT. I call BS on that number. Most EV owners charge at their house almost 90% of the time was the last statistic I read on it.

    Buying an EV isn’t the right decision for everyone. Do you constantly make REALLY long commutes in the 3-4 hour range a day? Do you live in an apartment complex without access to chargers? Etc. Not everyone makes smart decisions about vehicles, especially in America. Where people tend to buy giant trucks just for the look. One of my best friends has 2 trucks, a work truck and what he calls his “show truck”. He doesn’t put anything in the bed that would scratch it up. We make fun of him. He knows it, but he can afford it and he likes his truck.

    My 2009 Honda Fit is a great “fit” for me right now. When my kid turns 15 in about 2 years I will hand it to him, and I will start to look at an EV because it will fix my commuting needs (and I already have a 220V in my garage from the previous owner using a welder).

  4. Mar

    Well, johnnyV, I’m glad you are happy making Elon Musk a little bit richer.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    but Science….

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