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2105, 23 Jan 23

Mummies Are Racist

Oh, for cripes’ sake.

But some museums in Britain are now using words other than “mummy” to describe their displays of ancient Egyptian human remains.
Instead, they are starting to adopt terms such as “mummified person” or to use the individual’s name to emphasize that they were once living people.
“Like many museums, important aspects of our collections and the way that we display them have been shaped by imperial and colonial thinking and actions that were based on racial and racist understandings of the world,” the spokesperson added.
“In response, we are reflecting on how we represent imperial and colonial pasts to our audiences. In our galleries, we are making changes to displays and labels to address historical bias.”
For example, the spokesperson said, the museum is altering the panel accompanying a mummified man to focus on “how ancient Egypt was co-opted into the idea of ‘Western civilization,’ disconnecting Egypt’s ancient heritage from modern Egypt.”

2105, 23 January 2023


  1. Jason

    Just think if ancient Egypt hadn’t accepted the ideas of “Western Civilization”… we’d still have an entire race of people as slaves. We’d still have a person having their organs removed through their nose. We’d still have his/her servants buried alive to help that person in the afterlife.

    Yeah, that would be great.

    How about Museums do what they are supposed to do – depict how things were back in whatever era is on display and allow the viewer to interpret it as they want.

  2. Tuerqas

    The people trying to make everyone look at history through the lens of today have an agenda that should be seriously interrogated. That is a significant aspect of the controlling of information of today. And the people in history that have tried to control information have never been the good guys.

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