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1302, 15 Jan 23

Antisemitism at University of Michigan

Thes are the Klan rallies of the 21st century.

Social media users were shocked and outraged over a recent anti-Israel rally put on by pro-Palestinian protestors at the University of Michigan this week.

Clips of the protest depicted marchers, chanting “Intifada, Intifada! Long live the Intifada” a call to violent overthrow of the Jewish state inspired by Palestinian riots and rebellions against Israel in the late 80s, early 90s, and early 2000s.

“There is only one solution!” a female marcher was seen chanting, as the crowd behind her responded, “Intifada! Revolution!

Marchers, seen walking around the Ann Arbor campus screaming into bullhorns and waving Palestinian flags, were also heard chanting the infamous anti-Israel call to arms: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”


1302, 15 January 2023

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  1. dad29

    Analogous situation arose at Mall of the Americas when a patron wearing a “Christianity” tee shirt was evicted due to “guest complaints about proselytizing.”

    No coincidence that the Twin Cities have a large Somali/Muslim population.

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