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1939, 27 Oct 22

Battle for Texas

I love how the Leftist media continues to hype Beto. You can see the problem right here… he’s being introduced by celebrities – two New Yorkers and a Brit – who have little connection to Texas or their issues.

Beto O’Rourke stood in the middle of a music hall in Houston, Texas, surrounded by cheering supporters.

He had been introduced by Hamilton musical creator Lin Manuel Miranda and can count pop star Harry Styles and actor Matthew Broderick among his backers.


A former congressman from the border town of El Paso, Mr O’Rourke, 50, stands for everything liberal America wants: gun control, abortion rights, ‘racial justice’ for minorities and a plan for tackling climate change.

Long tipped as a rising star on the Democratic left – despite a failed 2018 Senate run – Mr O’Rourke now has his sights on another high-profile office.


But to become governor of Texas, he’ll have to get by the sitting Republican, Greg Abbott – a man who could not be more different.

Seeking his third four-year term, the 65-year-old may not have Mr O’Rourke’s celebrity endorsements, but he is a political powerhouse in his own right. He won re-election four years ago by double-digits and is the best political fund-raiser in Texas history.


The Abbott agenda is Mr O’Rourke’s opposite. Instead of abortion, guns and the environment, he focuses on rising undocumented immigration numbers and violent crime rates. He blames a national economy that is sputtering under high inflation on Democratic President Joe Biden’s policies.


1939, 27 October 2022


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