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2049, 03 Oct 22

Kopp’s Cop-Out

Well, I guess they don’t support life.

Kopp’s Frozen Custard has issued an apology after linking “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” to one of their Flavor of the Day offerings this month, according to a statement the business shared on social media Monday afternoon.


The iconic Milwaukee purveyor of flavors became the subject of online buzz Monday morning when it posted a calendar of upcoming holiday-themed flavors for October. It included “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” on Oct. 9, featuring the flavor “Hey Cupcake.”


National Pro-Life Cupcake Day was founded by a group called Cupcakes for Life to raise awareness about abortion and encourage dialogue on the topic, with cupcakes used as a means of bringing people together for the chat, according to National Today.


In the statement, Kopp’s said linking “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” with its long-running flavor “Hey Cupcake” was an “oversight” and “an honest mistake.”


2049, 03 October 2022


  1. jonnyv

    This humors me now. I have friends that are left that are now claiming they will NOT support Kopp’s because of their “pro-life” faux pas. And I am hearing on the right that people are pissed because they are backing away from their pro-life stance and now must support the “woke” pro-choice agenda.

    Frankly, I am gonna still eat their big tasty burgers and yummy custard once or twice a year, as I have done for years.

    The quick search that I did, showed that Karl Kopp donated to the Herb Kohl for Senate campaign in ’88. What a LEFTY!

  2. jonnyv

    Woops. I did just see he donated to Tom Barrett in ’09-’10 as well.

  3. MjM

    Oscar’s is better.

  4. Jason

    What a … Nothing Burger … /Austin Power’s voice

  5. dad29

    Been to Oscar’s. Not better. Bubba’s is better than Oscar’s, but Kopp’s really is Da Bomb.

  6. Merlin

    I never decline an opportunity to eat at any of them.

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