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1734, 21 Sep 22

Evers’ Semi-Retired Work Ethic

If you wonder why it was so easy for government officials to close down your business or force people to stay home or create mandates that put people out of work… this is why. Throughout the pandemic when people were out of work, businesses were going under, and paychecks were squeezed, our governor was putting in 30-hour weeks and getting home to his taxpayer-funded mansion in time for Wheel every day. All the while, he never missed a paycheck; never had to sit across the table from a valued employee and tell them that they didn’t have a job anymore; never had to tell his wife that they needed to cut household expenses because his hours were cut; none of it. Evers, like all of the other politicians who put millions of people out of work, continued on completely immune from the negative effects of their decisions. Other than wearing a mask and finding his favorite restaurant closed, Evers felt no impact from his decisions.

Empower Wisconsin compared the governor’s calendars for the first week in February in the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. This is historically a busy week for a governor. The Legislature was in session, and Evers was preparing a budget in two of the years. He was also dealing with a pandemic and related problems. But the governor kept a relatively light schedule. He averaged just under 36 hours of total official government work, according to his calendars.


For the week around February 15 in 2019, ’20 and ’21, Evers averaged just 33 1/2 hours per week. And for the last week of February, he worked on average just over 20 hours.


On Wednesday Feb. 27, 2019, Evers put in just over six hours of official business, according to his calendar. That included a 45-minute breakfast with Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and a half hour of drive time back and forth between the Executive Mansion and the Capitol. He got home at 2:45 p.m. The rest of the day is redacted.


The average Wisconsin worker logged nearly 42 hours per week last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average worker was paid a lot less than Tony Evers.


Over the last year-plus, Evers has been spending a lot more time on the road — or in the air, using the state plane. Much of that travel has to do with the billions of dollars in federal COVID aid the Democrat has been able to use as a kind of unregulated campaign slush fund. He’s handed out a lot of big checks, covered by the taxpayers of the United States of America. Despite his travels, Evers is generally back at the mansion in time to watch the “Wheel of Fortune.”


It’s not all work and no play. A few days before Christmas last year, Evers jumped on the state plane for a tour of the Potawatomi Community Center and a pickleball match. It’s well known Evers is a big pickleball fan. His official day ended at 2:35 p.m.


Evers took the rest of the week (through the day after Christmas) off. There was one item listed on his Dec. 27 calendar: A phone call with President Biden, who also isn’t known for burning the midnight oil in office. His calendars show no activity on Tuesday, Dec. 28, just a quick COVID-19 Response check-in call the next day, and then very little on his schedule until Jan. 3. The governor apparently had settled his brain for a long winter’s nap.


1734, 21 September 2022


  1. Jason

    I guess when he promised he would work tirelessly to ensure Wisconsin UC would get through that backlog caused by his foolish kneejerk reaction to the non-science.., we should have taken that in the most literal sense possible? No way a real working person would get tired from working under 40 hours a week – especially if they could count breakfast and in most cases being chauffeured around as “working” hours.

  2. Mar

    When you are used to working less than 8 hour days, have 190 days after contracts and have weekends and holidays off, what do you expect?

  3. Tuerqas

    >When you are used to working less than 8 hour days, have 190 days after contracts and have weekends and holidays off, what do you expect?

    And for this gig, he doesn’t even have to follow a contract. Who could expect him to work more than he ever has before? He doesn’t even have to work to get re-elected, that is what the COVID slush fund was for after all, right?

  4. Merlin

    You’ve got to get your mind right, Luke.

    He put in too much time as it is. More time in the office would have resulted in even more pudding-headed policy decisions. Take the win.

  5. Jason

    Penny comes in late with nothing more to offer than a “What-about-ism”. Disappointing as usual.

  6. penquin

    ad ho·mi·nem
    /ˌad ˈhämənəm/
    (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

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