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0510, 17 Jun 22

Bart Williams Runs for Assembly

Bart Williams, formerly of the West Bend School Board and a long-time conservative leader, is running for Assembly. He is challenging incumbent Tyler August. Here’s why he says he’s running:

  1. Election integrity: Along with many of you (thank you, by the way), I stood up and tried really hard in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 (so far) to stop the criminal theft of the 11/3/2020 elections [and the unnecessary 1/5/2021 Georgia U.S. Senate runoff, which those criminal Democrats involved (plus the organized crime they hired – e.g., 2,000-plus ballot mules to illegally harvest and then use illegal drop boxes to criminally stuff the ballot box for Biden/Harris; see the honest, accurate, excellent documentary, “2000 Mules” for more details) first fraudulently forced and then criminally stole], while Vos and August did nothing to stop this. In fact, Vos illegally (i.e., with no legal authority) and formally (in a 9/25/2020 letter from his attorney) agreed to illegal ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin.  Bottom line: I will ALWAYS stand up for complete election integrity, even if I am the only legislator to do so!


  1. Maximize our individual freedoms: Gov. Evers only had the legal authority to lock us down for 60 days, per Wisconsin Statutes, from March to May 2020. After that, the GOP-majority Legislature could have ended the lockdown extensions any time with a simple majority vote of each chamber.  Yet, Vos, August, and the rest refused to for 9 more months, until Feb. 2021. If they were just going to end them then, anyway, they should have ended them 9 months earlier.  Instead, they wrongfully let millions of Wisconsinites suffer for 9 extra months – more closed businesses, churches, schools (kids lost a year of schooling due to ineffective “virtual education”), etc.  Mr. August needs to be held fully accountable for that serious injustice and misery inflicted on all of us.  I won’t let what he did happen.  I will vigorously defend ALL our individual freedoms, including our key Second Amendment gun rights which are under serious attack right now but are truly the “teeth” behind all our other rights and freedoms.


  1. Pro-life: I am pro-life.  I always have been, and I always will be.  I testified in Madison in 2015 to ban the sale of aborted fetal baby body parts.  The GOP had the full state government (2011-2019) but refused to pass this bill into law.


  1. Education reform: I am all about this.  I recently earned my Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, served three elected public-school board terms, and helped found and start up (and was its first Principal) Lake Country Classical Academy (LCCA), the very first Hillsdale College affiliated classical public charter school in WI.  Please see my attached flyer.  My opponent has done essentially NOTHING to reform public education, but he threw lots of extra taxpayer money at it in 2017 while requiring no improvement in return (e.g., much of that extra $800 million went to Milwaukee Public Schools, which were failing then and have gotten even worse).


  1. Term limits: I believe in term limits of no more than 8 years in any one office, except for 12 years for U.S. Senator (i.e., two terms).  George Washington set an excellent example and precedent in this regard.  By contrast, my opponent is going for his SEVENTH TERM now, with no end/limit in sight.  He’s a career politician.


0510, 17 June 2022


  1. Merlin

    He sounds good on points 1-4, but I’d have to quibble a bit on point number 5.

    Bart Williams-like citizens willing to serve is by far the best solution for removing ineffective and/or unresponsive politicians from office… and a recall process is already in place to effect change without needlessly suffering a fool’s full term. Challenging ineffective representation should be an ongoing process and we already possess all the tools we need. The true problem needing a solution is citizen apathy.

  2. Jason

    >Challenging ineffective representation should be an ongoing process and we already possess all the tools we need. The true problem needing a solution is citizen apathy.

    What we have been seeing the past few years though… is there are operatives that gladly sabotage efforts to use these tools. Ever’s recall was sabotaged by some D operatives. Look at what has happened in Michigan with the organized sabotage of signatures. The system as is, is stacked against well meaning yet naive citizens who wish to correct a wrong.

  3. Merlin

    >The system as is, is stacked against well meaning yet naive citizens who wish to correct a wrong.

    Heh, true enough.

    Term limits would certainly define how long you’re willing to endure being raped, although eight years seems like about six or seven years too long. I’m also a bit leery of having to turn out the occasional politician who just happens to have done a spectacular job for his/her constituents in Mayberry. I guess I’d prefer to retain the best and recycle the rest. That’s just me.

    Term limits would not hinder Democrats much at all. In major metropolitan areas it would amount to not much more than replacing one socialist fool with another like-minded fool at precisely defined intervals; necessitating a politician’s acceleration of graft and corruption in order to accommodate the restriction. A bit of wealth redistribution at best.

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