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0737, 09 Apr 22

Evers Supports Election Fraud With Vetoes

Your vote will count a little less in Wisconsin as Evers keeps the door open for organized fraud in Wisconsin’s elections.

The bills Evers vetoed would have:


— Prohibited anyone other than the voter, an immediate family member or a legal guardian from returning an absentee ballot. That issue is currently pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, with oral arguments scheduled for next week.


— Barred the spending of private money on the administration of elections. Republicans have cried foul over $8.8 million in grants Wisconsin’s largest and most Democratic cities received in 2020 from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a group funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Grants were also awarded to smaller, majority Republican cities.


Republicans are trying to get around the veto by putting the ban in the state constitution. That would require approval by voters as early as next year.


— Bar election clerks from filling in any missing information on a voter’s absentee ballot envelope. Trump had argued that thousands of ballots where clerks filled in missing information on the outside envelope should be discounted, but courts rejected his argument. The bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission had advised clerks for years that filling in the missing information was OK.


— Require the bipartisan elections commission to hire Republican and Democratic-aligned attorneys to work with commission members and offer what would likely be contrary legal advice. Nonpartisan attorneys currently work for the commission.


— Give the Legislature control over guidance delivered to local election clerks by the bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission.


— Limit who can identify as indefinitely confined, a status that allows for absentee ballots for those who can’t get to the polls due to age, illness or disability.


— Require the state to conduct checks to ensure that registered voters are United States citizens.


0737, 09 April 2022


  1. dad29

    How do you think Evers defeated Walker, anyway?

    PLENTY of (R) activists knew that that election was a trial-run of the ’20 fraud-a-palooza.

  2. Jason

    I just read a heart pulling article about a gentleman whose vote was discarded with the new terrible rules regarding absentee voting. His wife ran into town Tuesday and could not drop off his ballot as he was not with her. See… He suffers from COPD and so could not make the arduous trip. They also could not mail the ballot in prior as they were just too busy.

    The fact that nEvers and party can be so very concerned about this guys “plight” and yet ignore the hundreds of proven voter fraud instances in the state is disgusting.

  3. dad29

    They are not “ignoring” vote fraud. They are perpetuating it. It’s the only way they can win.

  4. Merlin

    I know the law is the law and all, but I’m not that concerned about old Martha turning in sickly old husband Fred’s absentee ballot along with her own. What people care about are things like how the dead still manage to vote, blatant and unabashed ballot harvesting, and public box stuffers being paid $10 a pop for hundreds of ballots each.

    Why would Democrats care as long as they continue to benefit? There are no real consequences for vote fraud and deny, deny, deny is super easy. They won’t care unless or until Republicans decide to play the game the same way.

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