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2017, 30 Mar 22

Feds Investigate Hunter Biden

Sadly, I do not think we now live in an America where all are equal under the law. I have no expectation that Hunter will ever be prosecuted. For the same reasons that Will Smith was not escorted out by police after assaulting another man in front of hundreds of witnesses, Hunter will get a pass. The privileged class is rarely held to the same standards as normal folk.

The federal investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, over his tax affairs has intensified in recent weeks, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.


An increasing number of witnesses have appeared before a grand jury impaneled in Wilmington, Delaware, in recent months, the sources said, and have been asked about payments Hunter Biden received while serving on the board of directors of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, in addition to other questions about how Biden paid off tax obligations in recent years.


2017, 30 March 2022


  1. Mar

    If the powers of the swamp want Senile Joe gone, they will mention Truck Driver Joe many times in the indictment.
    If they want him to keep him to finish out his term, then they won’t mention him in an indictment.
    But a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich, which is about 3 levels about Hunter Biden’s abilities and ethics.
    The fact that it is a In a grand jury stage is promising.

  2. Mar

    Of course, Hunter could be Clintoned,if they can get through the Secret Sevice.

  3. Mar

    I’m not sure who it was, Johnny or Lying Karen Pervert Boy Le Roi complaining about the Secret Service protecting the Trump kids from wacko liberals.
    It turns out that the Secret Service is spending $30,000 a month just to rent a place in Malibu to protect Hunter Biden from his drug dealer friends and others.

  4. Jason

    It was Leroy, with his disgusting hypocritical fake outrage when it fits his myopic and narrow minded concrete puddling brain.

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