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1500, 21 Mar 22

Teachers hold Kids’ Futures Hostage

It’s not about your kids or their education. It never is. It’s about yet another shakedown of taxpayers for more money for worse performance. Kids today are getting a much poorer education at the hands of government employees who stopped giving a damn about them.

In January, Minneapolis Public Schools students stayed home for two weeks as the omicron COVID-19 variant surged and schools shuttered. This month, schools have closed for another two weeks — and counting — because of a teacher strike.


With no deal reached over the weekend, classes will remain canceled Monday, the district said. Minneapolis teachers have been picketing for better pay and benefits, smaller classes and more student mental health services. They’re not alone. From Minneapolis to Illinois to California, teachers unions are actively on strike or preparing to have members walk off the job over many of the same demands.




Today, money is still at the forefront of concerns – although unions say they’re focused on supporting struggling students and addressing teachers’ workloads.


Superintendents understand teachers are underpaid and recognize how hard they’re working, said Dan Domenech, executive director of the School Superintendents Association. But strikes are adding additional stress, he said.


“Parents are upset over education, they want their kids attending school in person, and now here’s another thing coming that has nothing to do with the pandemic that’s going to keep kids out of school,” Domenech said.


1500, 21 March 2022


  1. Mar

    Teaching is no longer a professional occupation
    I am not sure what kid of job it is, but most teachers are not professionals.
    Maybe sime teachers are groomers for sex purposes.
    Or they are propagandists for liberals.
    Others are on it for power.
    Some, especially teacher unions, engage in child abuse.
    But one thing teachers are not,they are not professionals

  2. dad29

    Superintendents understand teachers are underpaid

    Since when are they “underpaid”?

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