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0726, 16 Mar 22

Biden Whines About Lack of Spending as Inflation Surges

This $1.5 Trillion spending package is a bipartisan disaster for which everyone who voted for it should hang their heads in shame. But even in the face of rampant inflation and rolling stories of the hundreds of billions of COVID relief money that was wasted or stolen, Biden whines that there isn’t more for him to dole out to political patrons. Is Washington out of touch? Yup.

After a prolonged back and forth, Congress passed a $1.5 trillion government spending bill last week but dropped from the final package $22.5 billion in pandemic relief that Democrats wanted to include.


On Tuesday, the same day as President Joe Biden signed the 2,741-page bill into law, his aides warned that the omission could “have severe consequences as we will not be equipped to deal with a future surge.”


The U.S. could soon run out of funding for COVID responses such as booster shots, treatments efforts, and tests if the legislation remains stuck in Congress, officials warned. The warning — which came in the form of a letter to Congressional leadership and a press release — focused on the possibility of future variants as current caseloads have dropped since the record-breaking omicron-fueled numbers from over the winter.


0726, 16 March 2022


  1. Tuerqas

    Biden should have gotten Oprah as his Vice president. She could be standing tall, pointing and yelling: “You get a trillion! You get a trillion!”

  2. Mar

    Now, that’s funny

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