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0803, 09 Feb 22

Lena Taylor Shared Mayoral Priorities

With talk like this, she sounds almost reasonable. I agree with her points about too much focus on downtown at the expense of the neighborhoods and the street car. Of course, she also wants taxpayers to pay to teach car thieves how to be better at their chosen vocation.

“During the pandemic our court system is at least 2-to-4 years behind,” she said. “That’s one of the reasons that you see what happened in Waukesha happen, because people are not going to court and going through the system rapidly.”


In order to address the rise in car thefts, Taylor said she wants to create more programs to redirect kids interested in cars away from stealing them and push them toward skills such as car sales, auto body work and shop class.




“The disparities that exist are not just in policing, not just in education, it’s in a wealth of areas,” she said. “So one of the things we’ll have to is make sure we don’t just invest in downtown, but we invest in our neighborhoods, that we invest in areas of our city that are very challenged, so that we can make sure that all tides rise.”


She also said she’s concerned about the city’s street car system costing taxpayers millions while only serving downtown, but she added she’s willing to keep an open mind to see if it could serve more Milwaukeeans.


“I’m also concerned that the ridership is not great,” she said. “I’m also concerned that it really was meant to take people to work, and I’m not really certain how that works. So I have an open mind of being able to look at where we are, but I’m very concerned because our budget restraints don’t put me in a position to feel like we will have $3 million to just put on something that goes around in a circle downtown.”



0803, 09 February 2022

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  1. Tuerqas

    Now if only she can convince outfits like the Milwaukee common council that starting a business in ‘the neighborhoods’ shouldn’t be extorted just to build and open

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