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1959, 08 Feb 22

Hunter’s Chinese Connections

I wonder how much the Big Guy was supposed to get.

Hunter Biden was working with a Chinese oil company in Kazakhstan that is now under US sanctions and a former Kazakh prime minister now accused of treason to broker a lucrative pipeline deal, can reveal.


Emails obtained by show the president’s son teamed up with the former Kazakh prime minister Karim Massimov, now facing charges of high treason, to try to pull off a $120million pipeline deal after similar ventures had faced opposition from Western energy firms.




But the involvement of Hunter’s Chinese business partners with Burisma adds a new and troubling dimension to his dealings in Eastern Europe – indicating that he was working on a deal that could indirectly further the energy interests of the Chinese government while hoping to collect millions of dollars for himself.


1959, 08 February 2022


  1. Merlin

    Rosemont Seneca Partners is a name that’s surely to surface again. They were quite active during Joe’s VP years and has been accused in the past of being a Biden (and others) Maytag operation for cleansing influence peddling proceeds. Hunter jokes that the Big Guy gets half. He can laugh all he wants because he’s as above the law as you can get. Right up there with Bill and Hillary.

  2. Tuerqas

    Wuh…what!?! This is obviously a lie because it will go away long before any liberal believes it.

    It does give an actual logical reason for Joe’s clamp down on American oil, though. Like I have said before, even the dumbest seeming things that Dems do make sense if you know the real reasons for it.

  3. Owen

    If laws were violated, he should be prosecuted. But Trump is not in power. He can’t do anything other than talk. The Bidens, however, are currently running the country and their foreign entanglements matter right now.

  4. Tuerqas

    And in equally related news I have read that grain free dog food is bad for dog health. Yet nothing from you guys!!!

  5. Tuerqas

    Also, I read your link Le Roi and only a liberal could write idiocy like this:

    “The only way that a president can really be held accountable long term is to preserve a record about who said what, who did what, what policies were encouraged or adopted, and that is such an important part of the long-term scope of accountability — beyond just elections and campaigns,” presidential historian Lindsay Chervinsky told the Post.”

    So tell us all about any President that was ever ‘held accountable’ for any act after leaving office. What a stupid thing to say in a waste of space, unrelated article. But libs like you need that Trump humping every day to help not think about just how bad Biden’s are hurting our country. And for the noblest of liberal causes; lining their own pockets.
    Yet all libs can do is lie about how Trump made money, though he is the second President in our history that came out poorer than he went in, and Ron Johnson, who made no more money than he would have out of office(as he was, you know, a rich businessman before he went into office, unlike professional Dem leeches). Same old, same old, projecting Dem vices onto Reps, to deflect any searches into the Dems own money grabs.

  6. Mar

    Shocking Lying Karen Le Roi quotes NOR, a highly partisan outfit.
    Hey Pervert Boy Le Roi, I thought you said you owned up to your mistakes.
    I guess that is utter bullshit.
    Make false statements then runaway. Continues to lies and then runs away like a little girl being chased by Senile Joe Biden.

  7. Mar

    Should have said NPR. I’ve listened to NPR and read some articles.
    Only sheeple and morons believe anything they say.

  8. Jason

    T… The hypocrisy is everywhere, too bad stupid little Leroy can only get hard when trump is mentioned.

    How does Bidens lack of releasing visitor logs jiive with what presidential historian Lindsay Chervinsky just said.

    Congratulations Leroy you’re the most cognitively dissonant person I have ever interacted with on this blue ball.

  9. Mar

    Using NPR as a source is like using Alex Jones as a source.
    Funny how Lying Karen Le Roi never votes who does wrong. He defends a Pervert judge who is prison for downloading child porn, President Sparklefart and Senile Joe spying on the Trump campaign,, Hillary for coming up with the fake Russian dossier or calling out the fake doctor Fauci for all the lies he told.
    But on the bright, the bad old orange man lives inside Pervert Boy’s brain rent free.

  10. Merlin

    Chasing down boxes of memorabilia costs 7.5% more than it did when DJT occupied the Oval Office little more than a year ago. Just sayin’.

    >How does Bidens lack of releasing visitor logs jiive with what presidential historian Lindsay Chervinsky just said.

    Visitor logs? Dems elevated FOIA avoidance to an art form early in Obama 1.0 with offsite meetings, secret e-mail accounts, non sanctioned phones, etc., specifically to avoid all that pesky transparency stuff. Slow Joe’s Obama 3.0 even has a fake Oval Office set built in the Eisenhower EOB for better PoliOptics performances. These folks even hide stuff from Special Prosecutors. They’ve been in full catch-us-if-you-can mode for a very long time already.

  11. Mar

    How pathetic are liberals where they cannot comment or defend their ideas or what they have accomplished.
    It’s just Orange Man bad

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