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0748, 10 Nov 21

Inflation Soars Even Higher in Brandon’s America

Brandon’s America is getting really expensive.

Inflation across a broad swath of products that consumers buy every day was even worse than expected in October, hitting its highest point in more than 30 years, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.


The consumer price index, which is a basket of products ranging from gasoline and health care to groceries and rents, rose 6.2% from a year ago. That compared to the 5.9% Dow Jones estimate.

On a monthly basis, the CPI increased 0.9% against the 0.6% estimate.


Stripping out volatile food and energy prices, so-called core CPI was up 0.6% against the estimate of 0.4%. Annual core inflation ran at a 6.2% pace, compared to the 4% expectation and the highest since November 1990.


Fuel oil prices soared 12.3% for the month, part of a 59.1% increase over the past year. Energy prices overall rose 4.8% in October and are up 30% for the 12-month period.


0748, 10 November 2021


  1. Mar

    The sad part is that most of the inflation is a direct result of Senile Joe ‘s and other liberal policies.
    Start with now being dependent on other country’s for oil. That alone is the cause of much of the increased price increases. Then add in the liberal tyrannical and useless mandates regard the Chinese virus.
    Le Roi says Presidebt Trump lied but that didn’t shut down businesses, close down pipelines, impose mask and vaccine mandates, nor listen to science, the liberals and RINOs did this.

  2. MjM

    On purpose….

    “Look, our view is that the rise in gas prices over the long term makes and even stronger case for doubling down on our investment and our focus on clean energy options so we are not relying on the fluctuations and OPEC and their willingness to put more supply and meet the demand in the market,” – CircleJerk Psaki.

    Such is the imbecilic Brandon Administration: Shut down pipelines, cut off leases, end exploration, and blame OPEC.

  3. dad29

    most of the inflation is a direct result of Senile Joe ‘s and other liberal policies

    If by “other liberal” you mean Trump, you are correct. Trump fired the starter’s pistol on inflation with his stimulus check(s). Biden’s actions will make inflation a LOT worse in about 12-15 months because that’s the normal lag-time between Complete Government Idiocy and Results.

    That’s BEFORE the effect on US Bond rates from the totes irresponsible Bush Bailout and Obama Stimmies.

    You better have a shit-ton of rice and beans in storage, friend.

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