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0829, 14 Oct 21

Heating Costs Soar

Back to Carter’s America, but worse… turn down the thermostat… wear a sweater… pay more money… it’s your contribution to the socialist paradise.

Wisconsin residents could be paying hundreds of dollars more to heat their homes this winter because of a global energy crunch that has sent natural gas prices to the highest level in a decade.

The federal Energy Information Administration on Wednesday forecast steeply higher heating bills for all U.S. households, regardless of the weather. The Midwest is expected to be hardest hit, with some households spending up to 69% more.  


Alliant Energy and Madison Gas and Electric have not calculated the bill impacts, though both utilities recommend cost-saving measures such as turning down the thermostat, changing furnace filters and sealing window and door openings.


0829, 14 October 2021


  1. Mar

    This is the liberal dream. Killing grandma because she had to choose between warmth or medicine.
    By the way, how many people has Senile Joe killed because of the Chinese virus?
    More than President Trump, and Trump didn’t have the benefit of the vaccine until after the election.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again. More US citizens died of COVID during the trump administration than under Biden. You could look it up.

  3. Mar

    I did, moron and again, you lie.

  4. Tuerqas

    No Mar, Le Roi is right on that according to statistics. With no vaccines available, Trump ‘lost’ about 400,000. With vaccines fully available Biden has still managed to lose half that in about the same amount of time. Now just think if the admins had been reversed. Based on when Biden was in charge of the vaccine during the virus under the Obama admin it took two full years to get a vaccine. Under Trump it was under 9 months.
    Based on available data we would still be losing people at the double rate if Trump had to pick up the pace of the vaccines from Biden, while Biden had 3 vaccines in use before his first day because of the Trump warp speed program. Warp speed, Grampa speed…you choose.
    Of course, I would still like to see the numbers of dead based on real statistics rather than on the fake CDC ones where just about every death was attributed to Covid in 2020.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Thanks T, finally a voice of reason .

    Odd that anyone is mentioning vaccines, as several folks here have claimed, without proof, that none of them work.

    And no, the government isn’t putting vaccines in salad dressing, nor do vaccines contain micro chips or tracking devices.

  6. Merlin

    This is how Democrats build back better. So much better. You’re going to get sick of things being so much better.

  7. MjM

    Just use that $0.16 you saved on your July 4th extravaganza bowl of meat.

    Well, sorry, maybe not. Meat prices have soared 6.5% since July.

    And btw, total US claimed COVID deaths:

    Trump, no vaccine, Jan 9, ‘20 – Jan 19, ‘21: 392,428
    Biden, 3 vaccines, Jan 20, ‘20 – Oct 13, ‘21: 305,241

  8. Mar

    Sorry, Tuerqas, but your numbers are wrong.
    As of today, 722,000 people have died in the US of the Chinese virus,per the CDC
    And like you said, the 400,000 died when President Trump was in office but those numbers are dubious because they included people who died of other things besides Covid or who were suspected of having it but were not tested.
    Then you had the 10,000’s of people were killed by Democrat governors, like Cuomo and the others, who went directly against the Fed’s guidance regarding nursing homes.
    So,I stand by my statement.

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    400000 = 55.4+% of 722000. And please, don’t be scared of percentages, the are far less dangerous than folks that don’t understand them.

    400000 > 322000

    Those are facts. Those are the numbers you provided

    Hopefully you aren’t a parent pressuring schools to teach your new version of math.

  10. Mar

    Reading comprehension for your 5 brain cells must be very difficult for you, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    My reading (and math) comprehension is just fine, mar. Far better than your ability to communicate.

    Facts still upset you, eh?

  12. MjM

    Nazi Nort snorts: “ Facts still upset you, eh?”

    Here’s a fact, for you, numbnutz. In the last two days Babblin’ Joe caused 4,265 deaths. At that pace Babblin’ Joe will have killed 394,826 people by Thanksgiving. That’s 2,398 More in 10 months than Trump in 13. By BJ’s pezidente anniversary he will have killed 514,226

    And that’s not counting the 13 Marines or the 7 little kids+three parents.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mjm, coronavirus caused their death, aided and assisted by folks like trump, rofo, desantis, abbott, et al (or is it etal?) that denied the seriousness of the virus, lied to folks about the virus, and promoted quackery and malpractice with various “cures”, HCQ, bleach, ivermectin, etc.

  14. Mar

    Pervert Boy Le Roi sounding more and more like Senile Joe with each post.
    Mumbling, lying, mumbling and incoherent.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    What’s the mumbling? What was incoherent? What was the lie?

    Or did you need to meet your mandatory quota of ignorant and irrelevant insults?

  16. Mar

    Mumbling: sounding just like Senile Joe, blaming everything on President Trump but doesn’t take responsibility for his and your dumb actions that have killed people.
    Lies: HQC and Ivermectin. They work when used properly.
    Incoherent: Refusal to listen to science, making false claims, lying and acting you actually know something, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  17. MjM

    Nazi Nort, same ol’ same ol’ lying asshole: “ that denied the seriousness of the virus, lied to folks about the virus, and promoted quackery and malpractice with various “cures”, HCQ, bleach, ivermectin, etc.”:

    Your broken (and formerly and repeatedly disproved) record is tiresome, numbnutz. Not to mention intellectually empty.

    But just for the heck of it…..

    “Everything is fine. All is well. We do want to say to people ‘Come to Chinatown’, here we are — we’re, again, careful, safe — and come join us. We just want everybody not to be afraid to come to Chinatown”. – Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

    “There’s very little threat here. This disease even if you were to get it acts just like a common cold.” – NYC mayor Dumblasio

    “Transmission isn’t that easy. I think there’s been a misperception, that coronavirus hangs in the air, where you need to catch it. No, you need direct person to person contact. “ – NYC mayor Dumblasio

    “ Don’t worry about it, be more concerned about influenza.” – Dr. Anthony Fraudci

    “ Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.”- Dr. Anthony Fraudci, a month later.

    “ When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.” – Dr. Anthony Fraudci.

    “Coronavirus is not going to be a major issue in the United States.” – Dr. David Agus, CBS News medical contributor.

    “Half the people don’t get a flu shot and the flu is far deadlier.” – Anderson Cooper, CNN

    “Flu is a MUCH bigger deal. “ – neurosurgeon and CNN contributor Sanjay Gupta

    “[Obama Admin] increased the budget of the CDC. We increased the NIH budget. … [Trump] wiped all that out. … He cut the funding for the entire effort.” -Babblin’ Joe, a statement even lefty AP designated a lie.

    “ All the way back in March [2020] I was calling for the need for us to have masks.” – Babblin’ Joe, who in March 2020 held several no mask campaign rallies and released “The Biden Plan To Combat Coronavirus” at which and in which masks are never mentioned.

    “I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country.” – Babblin’ Joe, his most pathetic and obviously false school yard brag.

    Cheer on, numbnutz.

  18. Mar

    And let’s not forget the Democrat governors that Pervert Boy Le Roi supports and defended, that put Chinese virus patients in the nursing homes that killed 10,000″s of patients. President Trump did not do that but Pervert Cuomo, Fat Boy Pritzker and governors from Michigan and New Jersey did that.
    And of course the increase in suicides and overdoses caused by the lockdowns, but Pervert Boy Le Roi still says it their own damn fault.

  19. Jason

    Let’s not forget the increasing proof that this virus was in fact leaked from a lab. Leroy has said its not true.

  20. Le Roi du Nord

    Three ridiculous commenters, three times the bad science, three times the nonsense = ignorance cubed.

  21. Mar

    Cannot refute with facts, so Pervert Boy Le Roi just tries to insult but fails miserably.
    I guess, he posted at 11pm, which is way past his bed time.

  22. Mar

    Pervert Boy Le Roi cries like a girl when we make fun of his stupidity but then goes about insulting others.
    Too funny, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  23. dad29

    three times cubed

    Since when is multiplication the same as logarithmic?

  24. Jason

    >Since when is multiplication the same as logarithmic?

    Seriously, what a fucking idiot thing to say. I thought him blaming today’s deaths on Trump was stupid… but this just doubled down on it. Someone please explain “double” to the clown show that is Leroy, I don’t have the patience.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    So dud misquotes me, j doubles down on the misquote, yet you clowns can’t read well enough to figure it out.

  26. Jason

    So who here thinks that the Covid 19 was an act of nature?

  27. Mar

    The Chinese virus brought to you courtesy of the fake doctor Fauci, Hunter Biden and Truck Driver Joe.

  28. Mar

    And Pervert Boy Le Roi adds nothing again.
    Just keep on being a hateful asshole Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    Just like your hero, Senile Joe.
    Both you are hateful and senile, hellava combination.

  29. Le Roi du Nord

    So mar, explain to us all how Dr. Fauci and the Biden’s “brought “ us coronavirus. Use facts, references, and any visual aids you feel appropriate. Extra points for the truth.

  30. Mar

    The fake doctor Fauci supplied funding to the lab that created the virus and didn’t tell President Trump.
    Biden and other liberals then politized the virus, making much worse than it should have been
    And my guess is that Senile tand President Sparklefart knew what the fake doctor was doing, along with Cocaine Hunter Biden.

  31. Le Roi du Nord

    So all you have is a guess (your word) and a bunch of unproven conspiracy theories. That proves nothing other than your gullibility. But you certainly are consistent.

  32. Le Roi du Nord

    Fun Fact:

    240 years ago today the British surrendered at Yorktown. No airports were captured, nor were any mentioned in the surrender documents.

  33. Jason

    >So all you have is a guess (your word) and a bunch of unproven conspiracy theories.

    That’s exactly what you have in your belief that the source is an infected animal at a “wet market”. That proves nothing other than your gullibility.

  34. Mar

    Pervert Boy Le Roi cannot argue with facts. We are supposed to take his word for it.
    Yeah, right.
    And Truck Driver Joe was driving a semi about 240 years ago.

  35. Le Roi du Nord


    How do you know that is my “belief” ? I have never said, to anyone, where I think coronavirus 19 originated, as I don’t know, nor do you.


    Present some facts, then we can discuss. All you have put forth so far is nonsense, biased opinion, and conspiracy jabber.

  36. Mar

    Already did Pervert Boy Le Roi. You just chose to ignore them and rely on what NPR and the Teletubbies tells you what to think.

  37. Mar

    “How do you know that is my “belief” ?”
    Well, let’s see.
    You worship at the grounds of the fake doctor Fauci. You genuflect at the alter of the fake doctor Fauci.
    You worship at the alter of Truck Driver Joe Biden.
    You are an extremist liberal who.lovescto lie and is influenced by NPR and Elmo.
    You’re dumb as a dog pile of poop.
    You’ve been wrong just about everything about the Chinese virus.
    And you have the IQ of slab of concrete you helped poured.

  38. Le Roi du Nord

    “helped poured.” And you have the hubris to question my IQ. HA !

    And everything else you said is wrong as well. You sure are consistent.

  39. Mar

    “And you have the hubris to question my IQ. ”
    Hey, Pervert Boy Le Roi, what is your IQ?
    I know most people have a an IQ above zero, but your’s is below zero.
    I’ve worked with hydrocephalus patients who had just a brain stem and nothing more and your IQ is lower than theirs.
    What is a negative IQ?
    A gnat? A sloth? A fruit fly? A piece of human or dog poo? A piece of cement you poured?

  40. Mar

    Tell me, Pervert Boy Le Roi, what have you gotten right since you have started posting here.
    Falcts, not opnions.

  41. Le Roi du Nord

    “falcts, not opinions”.

    You said it all.

  42. Mar

    Yep, you have never provided facts.
    You’re just a dumbass who brays nothing.
    Except hate and lies.
    Face it, Pervert Boy Le Roi you cannot win an debate based on facts.
    You just try throw your hate around here.
    But no facts. Just hate.

  43. Mark Hoefert
  44. Mar

    Wow, Mark, that would be so funny if it wasn’t so sad.
    Talk about elder abuse.

  45. Le Roi du Nord

    Maybe Dr. Jill can help mar with his math, science and history deficiencies, and cognitive difficulties, I’m sure he would appreciate the assistance.

  46. Jason

    Mark, the comments on that video are hilarious. He heard an ice cream truck. He saw a 6 year old girl and wanted to smell her hair… Leroy’s president should be in a dementia facility instead of being abused.

    I know, Leroy will come back and say something about no airports during the 1700’s. But he won’t say anything about Joe claiming he drove an 18 wheeler when it was actually a school bus. Or say anything about this whopper of a lie which is a direct quote from Joe Biden in Ohio on July 21st … “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in an ICU unit, and you are not going to die.” and then doubled down on the misinformation that killed people… “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

  47. Jason

    Oh sorry, Mark, I had moved on to this one….

    That’s where I saw the comments that were funny.

    Leroy, Jill doesn’t have any time to help anyone, she’s busy caring for her sick husband.

  48. Jason

    Leroy pointing out spelling / grammar errors again and equating it to low IQ. Ironically, it didn’t take me longer than 15 seconds to find this from him…

    > don’t be scared of percentages, the are far less dangerous

    Fucking clown.

  49. Mar

    The fake doctor Jill, Pervert Boy Le Roi, I highly doubt it. I’m more advanced than some community college fake doctor who commits elder abuse.
    However, Pervert Boy Le Roi, she has experience helping senile old hateful people like yourself.

  50. Mar

    The more I watch, the sadder and funnier it gets.
    Fake doctor Jill telling him what do, the lady in white at the side of Truck Driver Joe laughing her ass off, the total look of confusion of a senile person, and sadly, Potato Head Joe trying to talk over the band while they played “God Bless America”. Only a person who has cognitive issues or hates America would do that and FJB has covered both of those covered.

  51. Mar

    What’s wrong with this picture:
    Willie Brown’s sloppy seconds, Kamala Harris, flies out to Nevada in a gas guzzling jet. Then gets into a motorcade of several gas guzzling SUVs for about a 45 minute drive to Lake Mead to talk about climate change. Then gets back into her motorcade, drives back to McCarren Airport and flies back to DC.
    Is it any wonder why people don’t believe in climate change?
    Climate change is a fraud.

  52. Mar

    Oh, here’s another laugher from Pinocchio Psaski:
    We’re the most pro union administration in history
    But yet, because if the vaccine mandates, thousands of union members are being fired from their job because of vaccine mandates.
    Cops, firefighters, nurses, football coaches, secretaries, dispatchers etc are being fired by liberals.
    Defend that, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  53. Le Roi du Nord

    Unlike you mar, I won’t defend a lie.

  54. Mar

    So you admit the Biden administration lies?
    Good for you.
    And what lie have I defended?

  55. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I didn’t say that. And were you capable of rational thought you would know that.

    For starters: You have defended HCQ, ivermectin, trumps election lies, the lies of trump regarding the seriousness of coronavirus, British airports during the Revolutionary War, yada yada yada….

  56. Jason

    > British airports during the Revolutionary War

    I knew it wouldn’t take long. No comment on the two videos of the current president’s accelerating dementia… only whataboutism from Trump. Still living rent free in the stupid man’s head. Leroy, you’re a clown.

    @8:30 AM this morning.,… “I know, Leroy will come back and say something about no airports during the 1700’s. “

  57. Mar

    “For starters: You have defended HCQ, ivermectin, trumps election lies, the lies of trump regarding the seriousness of coronavirus,”
    Yep. And I have followed the science, Pervert Boy Le Roi and you have not.
    As far as the election, show me 1 statement where I defended President Trump
    Come on man, just 1 statement I have made about the election.
    In fact, moron I might be the only conservative here who has said that President Trump lost.
    Other wise shut the hell up, Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    And go visit your boyfriend, the pervert judge who watches babies being raped and distributes child porn.

  58. Le Roi du Nord

    “And I have followed the junk science “.

    There, I fixed it for you.

    And you are no “conservative “, not by any definition.

    And there you go again, espousing cancel culture on those that disagree with you (and are demonstrably smarter).

  59. Mar

    So, in other words Pervert Boy Le Roi, you have nothing.
    You admitted you lied.
    You admit you don’t follow science.
    And that you are a hateful person.
    Thanks for clearing that.
    But just curious, who have I cancelled?

  60. MjM

    Nazi Nort admits: ” I won’t defend a lie.”

    There is no difference between defending them and cheering them. Each is the purveyor of the other. Cheer on, numbnutz.

    Nazi Nort admits…. : ” And I have followed the junk science.”

    …. his attempt to apply this to Mar proves how much he owns it.

    Nazi Nort admits…; “British airports during the Revolutionary War…”

    …the emptiness of his argument and skull.

  61. Le Roi du Nord

    No mj, there is a difference, but no doubt indiscernible to the likes of you.

    I admitted nothing, I was correcting the major error in the statement mar made. Is comprehension truly the difficult for you?

    Do you believe that the British had airports during the Revolutionary War?

  62. Mar

    “I was correcting the major error in the statement mar made. Is comprehension truly the difficult for you?”
    Which shows you don’t believe in science, you just believe in hate. You’re blinded by hate and plus a very low IQ.
    Still waiting for your apology for lying about me, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  63. Jason

    > Is comprehension truly the difficult for you?

    And you have the hubris to mention IQ when pointing out other’s typo’s. Leroy the Clown, you should just go away again, no one missed you.

  64. Mar

    I have known someone who has been wrong times, like Le Roi.
    They say a blind squirrel gets a nut every once in awhile but if Le Roi was a blind squirrel, he would starve to death.

  65. MjM

    Nazi Nort mumbles: “ No mj, there is a difference,”

    I doubt Michael Jordon even knows this blog exists, numbnutz. (Sorry, Owen)

    So, grace us with your esteemed high level of ehjukashun, Mr. Elected Official, and demonstrate how your cheering a slew of liars is not equal to defending their lies.

    We await for your (usual) inane side-stepping reply.

    Nazi Nort stumbles and mumbles to a mirror: “Is comprehension truly the difficult for you?”

    Reread what I wrote. As many times as you need. Perhaps you may come close to discerning it’s meaning. Doubtful. But try.

    Nazi Nort goes full Babblin’ Joe: “Do you believe that the British had airports during the Revolutionary War?”

    No. I don’t.

    However, using your own logic, you certainly believe that the Tuskegee Airmen were experimented on, that there are 350 million people vaccinated in the United States, that150 million people have died from guns in the US since 2007, that 120 million have died from CCPVirus in the US, that you can’t get the CCPVirus if you are vaccinated., that Blabblin Joe was coal miner and truck driver and a professor, that his wife was killed by a drunk driver, and that black kids liked watching his blond leg hair.

    Cheer on, numbnutz.

  66. Mar

    MJM, don’t forget today’s goody. He’s been vice president for 46 years.

  67. MjM

    Well, Mar, that’s just not impossible because he said he was in the Senate for120 years. He’s old, yes, but not that old.

  68. Mar

    I guess that would make him about 170 years old then.
    No wonder his mind is gone.

  69. Jason

    “We’ve created more jobs in the first eight months of my administration than any president in American history.”

    Patently false. We’re still at least negative 5 million jobs from the end of 2019…. so in fact he’s not CREATED a single job.

  70. Mar

    Still waiting for Senile Joe to apologize to the Border Patrol agents he had slandered, along with others in the administration, using their horses in a proper way when dealing with the illegals.

  71. MjM

    Brain dead dude just can’t stop lying his ass off….

    “When I first was elected, there were only 2 million people who had COVID shots in the United States of America — and the vaccine. Now we got 190 million, because I went out and bought everything I could do and buy in sight and it worked.” – Babblin’ Joe, yesterday.

    1) When he was first elected the ‘zines hadn’t even been authorized yet. That happened in December.
    2) There were 16 million pokes administered by the time BJ was inaugurated.
    3) Trump bought 300,000,000 doses before BJ stumbled into the Whitehouse.

  72. MjM

    I’ve been there before, and I haven’t…. I mean…. I know it well…. I guess I should go down. But the whole point of it is, I haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. I’ve been spending time going around looking at the $900 billion worth of damage done by… by hurricanes [a month and a half ago] and floods and and weather and train traveling around the world… but I plan on…. Now, my wife Jill has been down she’s been on both sides of the river she’s seen the circumstances there, she’s looked into those places. – Babblin’ Joe, CNN town hall.

    Q : Why did President Biden say he has been to the border?
    A : “Well, Peter, as you may have seen, there’s been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. And he is certainly familiar with the fact, and it stuck with him, with the fact that in El Paso the border goes right through the center of town.” – White House press secretary Jen Psaki

    Clowns to the left, jokers to the right.

    Also, “No Time” Joe left yet again for his blanky in Delaware last night, where he has spent more weekends than he has at the Whitehouse.

  73. dad29

    in El Paso the border goes right through the center of town

    The border must have moved since I was at Ft. Bliss. Maybe that’s because we were SOOOOOO insensitive when we referred to Juarez as “Whore’s Ass”.

  74. MjM

    @Daddio. Nice catch. (I forgot to bold that part like the ‘around the world’ train quote).

    So, either BJ drove through at Nogales, thought the Mex side and State side parts are actually one municipality, and then confused it with El Paso, or he actually thinks El Paso is a dual-country city (never mind Juarez sitting right… over…. there).

    Whatever. That circle jerk Psaki failed to realize what she a) may have been told and repeated, or b) just made up was nonsensical reminds of the Hindenburg we are riding in.

  75. Jason

    Nogales, the biggest shit hole south of Washington DC and the three west coast CONUS states. I don’t miss either side of that anus.

  76. MjM

    Noooo, you no go Tijuana!

    The advice I got from a usually quiet, very nice old Mexican gentleman after I told the story of how I got robbed there… by two drunk policias.

  77. Mar

    Been to both Juarez and Tijuana. Both are quite scary but Tijuana also has some nice areas, so the tie goes to Tijuana, in my humble opinion.

  78. Mar

    For those who have been to either place, I sure the first time you went there you were probably shocked at the difference between the 2 countries in terms of the housing, poverty and the driving.
    A lot of the area are like the worst areas where the homeless congregate, like in LA.

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