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2038, 27 Sep 21

GOP Blocks Attempt to Suspend Debt Ceiling

Excellent. Unfortunately, I expect them to raise the debt ceiling at some point, but at least they won’t do it lightly.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican senators blocked a bill Monday night to keep the government operating and allow federal borrowing, but Democrats aiming to avert a shutdown pledged to try again — at the same time pressing ahead on President Joe Biden’s big plans to reshape government.


The efforts are not necessarily linked, but the fiscal yearend deadline to fund the government past Thursday is bumping up against the Democrats’ desire to make progress on Biden’s expansive $3.5 trillion federal overhaul.

Don’t forget that the problem here is that the politicians in Washington spend too dang much money. If we had a balanced budget, then they wouldn’t need to keep raising the debt ceiling.


2038, 27 September 2021


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