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2115, 06 Aug 21

Bill to Allow Animals in Stores

I support the pulling back of the regulatory state to allow businesses to set their own policies in this regard, but I also greatly dislike pets in stores (except for pet stores). Leave your dang dog at home. Not everybody wants to be around it all the time like you.

MADISON, Wis. — The general manager of Fleet Farm’s Deforest location Robert Nilo said he gets up to five complaints a day from customers wanting to bring their dog into the store with them while they shop. A sign displayed on the front automatic sliding doors states, “We love your pets. But because we sell food, Wisconsin health laws do not allow them in our store.”


Wisconsin follows a model food code put out by the FDA which states animals are not allowed in any food establishments.


But, a bill currently circulating through Wisconsin legislature could change that.


The idea for the bill was started by Fleet Farm’s Executive Vice President Frank Steeves.


“There is no single topic that causes more anguish and anger to our Wisconsin customers than have the Wisconsin laws impacting whether they can bring their dogs into our stores. Regularly we receive letters and calls demanding to know why, when they are able to bring their pets in other stores, dogs are not allowed in our stores,” Steeves said. “Our customers have a hard time understanding, or believing us, when we tell them it is because a small amount of floor space is used to sell pre-packaged snacks.”


2115, 06 August 2021


  1. Mar

    Well, there are a lot service animals out there.
    When I worked at Home Depot, I saw birds, dogs, cats, lizards and a horse. And we sell food there. Never had a problem. In fact a dog trainer took dogs that she was training into the store regularly. And we didn’t have a issue about it
    But when it comes to supermarkets, people sure take advantage of it. And there is really not a lot a store can do. You can ask if it is a service animal and how it helps you but that’s it. You don’t have to show a license or certificate. So most stores here don’t really enforce the rule.

  2. dad29

    Frankly, having worked retail, I’m sick and tired of people bringing their hairball mutts into the store. In reality, they bring the dog so the OWNER can get attention–no other reason whatsoever. Friggin’ dogs slobber all over store personnel, shed hair on everything, and the owners are just SOOOO proud of them.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Health department does not like animals in restaurants. Guess disgusting liberals want the comfort kangaroo in the McD’s again. Liberals are awful. Just awful on this.

  4. Le Roi du Nord


    Why blame “liberals”? Looks like the R controlled Assembly has passed it. Blame the R’s.

    Personally, I would keep all animals out of places of business unless the owners invited them in.

  5. Mar

    And Pervert Boy Le Roi still refuses renounce a liberal judge who watches videos of babies being raped and distributes child porn.
    You own this, Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    Are you going to visit the judge while he is prison? I’m not sure if Federal prisons allow conjugal visits, though, so the baby you bring during the your visits might be safe…for the time being.

  6. Merlin

    Republican legislators who spend any time at all on inane crap like this need to be replaced. They have real work that needs doing.

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