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1022, 31 May 21

Honor Their Sacrifice by Living Free


1022, 31 May 2021


  1. MjM

    Try to get through this WSJ article from 2007…

    Meanwhile, Babblin’ Joe gurgles “Stay Cool”, ignores Rolling Thunder vets, and local antisemite and Wisconsin democrat Marc Pocan spent his Memorial Day weekend outright lying to WAPO by claiming there are segregated highways in Israel.

  2. Mar

    “So God Made a Soldier And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a protector.” So God made a soldier.

    God said, “I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, run 10 miles, drive all day in the hot summer sun, and trudge through damp jungles in the dark of night, eat cold bland food from a can all while carrying forty pounds of equipment up a mountainside to his next post.” So God made a soldier.

    “I need somebody with arms strong enough to pull a buddy off the side of a cliff and yet gentle enough to hold a baby that was left abandoned in a ransacked village. Somebody to fix roads, tame a Humvee that slips out of gear, come back to base hungry, but be willing to wait until the canteen is done feeding a batch of refugees who have fled a war zone, and then spend the few hours he could have spent sleeping making sure every last one of them has gotten a meal. So God made a soldier.”…
    Adapted from Paul Harvey

  3. Mar

    Don’t forget, MJM, Kamala, the Ho Harris who said to enjoy a long weekend with her picture in her Tweet.
    And liberals and media stay silent

  4. Pat

    It’s not like she called those that served and died suckers and losers.

  5. Jason

    Relax Pat, that Atlantic article has been debunked. He’s also not your president.

  6. Pat

    And all those people that I saw loading coolers into their boats and campers were heading out to honor the dead.

  7. Mar

    Pat comes back and starts lying again.
    Just like old times.

  8. Jason

    >And all those people that I saw loading coolers into their boats and campers were heading out to honor the dead.

    Pat, I’m amazed at how tolerant and inclusive you aren’t. Everybody honors the dead in their own way, and only evil people judge the actions and faiths of others. Sounds like you need some microaggression training.

  9. Pat

    Well then, it sounds like VP Harris wanted everyone to enjoy their nice long weekend “honoring the dead in their own way”.

    Thanks for the micro aggression training.

  10. Mar

    Pat must have ESP, or were stalking the people having the boat parade. Because she obviously knows what they did before and after the parade.

  11. Mar

    And then there’s Senile Joe “Our military community is the solid spine of this country, the spine of the nation,” Biden said during the address at a veterans memorial near the Delaware Memorial Bridge.”
    Spine? Perhaps he meant backbone?

  12. Jason

    >Well then, it sounds like VP Harris wanted everyone to enjoy their nice long weekend “honoring the dead in their own way”.

    When you finally complete your microaggression training, you’ll realize that you’re still intolerant, and since VP Harris is a woman of color, you’re also racist. Now, if you really want to be passive aggressive against people sharing their viewpoint on VP Harris’ comments, you should talk to them directly. No one here said anything about her words – probably because she’s not worth commenting on. I hope you can grow.

  13. Mar

    Well, Jason, I actually did bring up Willie Brown’s second string woman.

  14. Pat

    Thanks for helping Jason follow along with what’s being said.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    Source for your Trump comment?

    I think you are a liar and false witnessing what Trump said like a normal leftist.

    Sad and awful.

  16. Pat

    “ Source for your Trump comment?”

    Kevin, Don’t be lazy. I’m not here to do your research for you.

  17. Kevin Scheunemann

    Post the clip then.

    This has been a lying leftist talking point for quite some time.

    Not one crazy leftist can show me the clip when I ask.

    Have you joined the insanity?

  18. Pat


    Prove it’s wrong!

  19. Mar

    Pat, name one person who heard President Trump say that.

  20. Pat


    Prove it wrong!

  21. Mar

    No one saw him say these awful things.
    No names, so it didn’t happen.

  22. Pat

    If that’s what you want to believe.

  23. dad29

    The slur of Trump was debunked. Not only by two (TWO) eve-witnesses, but by Vox, which printed a story making it clear that the Atlantic could have made it up, OR the ‘people in the room’ were not actually in the room, or perhaps it was quoted third-hand.

    Given what we’ve seen from the NYTimes lately, wouldn’t surprise me if it was just made up by a reporter.

  24. Mar

    Pat probably used Twitter to justify her stance.

  25. Pat

    And Vox says Trump lost the election but yet you, and other rubes, believe believe he won the election.

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you have no clip?

    Awful. Just awful.

    You are an awful liar.

  27. Mar

    Now, now, Kevin, when you just look at Twitter and other social media and the mainstream media and liberal media,(one in the same) this is how they get brainwashed.
    People lose their independent thought and just keep repeating the liberal party line.
    Pat is a liberal and God bless for that, but when she gets her talking points from liberal media and social media, this is what you get.

  28. dad29

    Sure. They put the smear in grave doubt but did not flat-out contradict the claim. THAT was done by two eye-witnesses.

    It’s like “debunking” the allegation that you are a homo sapiens. There may be eye-witnesses who claim that you ARE one, but we don’t know for sure, do we?

  29. Pat

    There’s legitimate skepticism with taking the word of those two eye-witnesses as they have been proven liars for the benefit of the liar in chief.

  30. Tuerqas

    Oh brother! So instead of trying to honor the fallen, Dems and Reps are going to wrangle with each other over which Dem or Rep was MORE disrespectful towards the fallen? ‘Respectful internet discourse’, a true modern oxymoron.

  31. Pat


    I couldn’t agree more!!!

  32. Tuerqas

    I am glad, but then I do wonder why you engaged in it…
    Disagree with what people on this blog think of VP Harris all you can, but when your defense of Harris is in effect only saying “blah blah’ is worse, you lose the credibility(especially when the comparison is with Trump).

  33. Pat

    Thank you for your opinion.

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    Does this mean you are withdrawing your unproven smear with no credible evidence?

    If so, that is very sensible.

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