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0838, 28 May 21

Inflation Soars on the Wings of Federal Spending

Inflation is soaring and personal income is declining. Hey, but at least his tweets are nicer.

A key inflation indicator rose a faster-than-expected 3.1% in April as price pressures built in the rapidly expanding U.S. economy, the Commerce Department reported Friday.


The core personal consumption expenditures index was forecast to increase 2.9% after rising 1.9% in March. Federal Reserve officials consider the measure to be the best gauge for inflation, though they watch a number of metrics.

As part of its price stability mandate, the Fed considers 2% to be healthy, though it is committed to letting the level average higher than usual in the interest of promoting full employment.




That increase in inflation came with a sharp deceleration in personal income, which declined 13.1%. But that actually was less than the 14% estimate. Personal income had surged 20.9% in March following the latest round of government stimulus checks.


0838, 28 May 2021

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  1. dad29

    Ground chuck went from $3.49/lb to $4.49/lb in the last month.

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