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0915, 23 May 21

Opposing a Two State Solution

For the liberals who are always advocating for a two state solution as a magic solution to conflicts over Israel, this is why it is not a solution. One side (Palestinians) don’t want it. They want to eradicate Israel and ethnically cleanse Jews from the Levant. As long as one side’s goal is the eradication of the other, there will be no peace except through strength.

Thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets in New York City holding ‘Abolish Israel’ signs to show their support for Palestinians, with protests also planned in other US cities following intense demonstrations around the world.


The ‘Rally to Defend Palestine‘ on Saturday afternoon in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens was organized by the New York group Within Our Lifetime (WOL).




Other demonstrators carried signs reading ‘End all U.S. aid to Israel’, ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine’ while marchers chanted ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ and ‘Say it loud, say it clear, we don’t want no Zionists here.’


0915, 23 May 2021


  1. Mar

    Democrats and liberals: the new hate groups in the US.

  2. Tuerqas

    That whole ‘this land is ours because it was once ours’ is the biggest load of crap. There are Indians still alive in the US, all this land was theirs, should we give it back if they start demonstrating in the US and other countries? War and the threat of it has been the ultimate word on border setting throughout all History everywhere. If we gave it all back to Palestinians (who have never governed it in the History of the world) it would just be another border change based on the threat of war.

    Every supporter of a ‘free Palestine’ is either a simple war monger or just too stupid to insult. The Palestinians themselves don’t want a country, they want all the Jews to leave, preferably via coffin. If they get the land themselves, that is just a side bonus that would make them all instantly wealthy land barons. Seriously, about 5% of the population of a country is trying to get the world to give them the ENTIRE country. How does anyone think that is a good idea?

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