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0815, 03 Apr 21

Democrats Push To Restrict Civil Rights


During a Thursday press conference, Kaul and lawmakers called on the GOP-controlled state Legislature to approve measures in Gov. Tony Evers’ budget proposal that would expand background checks on gun sales and allow courts to block some people from buying firearms.




Under the governor’s background check proposal, which is sometimes called a “universal background check” measure, all firearm sales in Wisconsin would be subject to background checks. Right now, people who buy guns online don’t need to pass a check. 

That last statement is an outright falsehood. It seems like people who write these stories never know anything about actually buying guns.

Another part of the governor’s proposal would enact a so-called “red flag law” in Wisconsin, which would allow law enforcement or someone’s family or friends to petition a judge to temporarily revoke that person’s right to buy, own or carry weapons.

I get the impetus behind red flag laws. And in a perfect world where I could have confidence that they would be implemented objectively and justly, I would support them. But red flag laws are woefully subject to human error and bias. And in a world where our government has been weaponized against pockets of unfavored citizens, any red flag laws would be simply used as a bludgeon.


0815, 03 April 2021


  1. Mar

    In years past, I probably would have supported some sort of red flag laws.
    But we have seen that now, especially on the federal level, but also on a local level, the judiciary has become more politicalized
    Certainly, there are some people who should not have access to guns and it would be nice if there was a way to avoid them getting weapons. On the other hand there are vengeful spouces, pissed off woke kids, cops pissed off that you beat the rap on a parking ticket etc who might also abuse the system.

  2. dad29

    It seems like people who write these stories never know anything about actually buying guns.

    No, Owen, I think they deliberately lie, or just repeat the lies of (D) politicians. It’s more clear every day that lying–even obvious, BIG, lying–is the preferred modus operandi for (D) pols, their lawyers, and the press.

    Mar: Wisconsin Statutes already provide for ‘red flag’ concerns. It’s a ‘mental health’ thing calling for a 3-day time-out or some such.

  3. Mike

    Background checks are already the law for all firearm sales except private, in state, face to face sales. “online sales” have to be shipped to a local FFL who does the background check. The common sense laws are already in effect.

    The problem with universal background check proposals is that they talk about gun purchases (change of OWNERSHIP) but write the bills to apply to change of POSSESSION. this criminalizes common activities like loaning your friend a gun at the range, loaning a gun to a new hunter, and temporarily keeping a friend or relative’s guns safe. Previous bills proposed in Wisconsin would have made a criminal of a spouse if their SO went out of town more than 2 weeks.

    We already have a whole statute (Chapter 51) on dealing with mental issues that includes emergency detention and a court hearing to determine competency. We also have laws on restraining orders and harassment injunctions that include court hearings with a judge that has the ability to remove firearms from a dangerous person. Red flag laws that take away a persons rights on the barest suspicion are not about safety, they are about confiscation and control.

  4. dad29

    We already have a whole statute (Chapter 51)

    Thx for that. It’s what I was yapping about.

  5. Merlin

    Try to find something, anything at all, that Democrats don’t lie about. Could be all that inbreeding that leaves them so untethered to reality.

  6. Tuerqas

    “Try to find something, anything at all, that Democrats don’t lie about. ”

    That’s a tall order. Out of curiosity, what don’t Republicans lie about? I am not talking conservatives. I am talking about the elected Republicans. There are some things I am sure, but Government lies and has since Washington refused to run again.

  7. Merlin

    “Out of curiosity, what don’t Republicans lie about?”

    Heh. Republican politicians or Republican voters? Everyone can lie. Republican politicians get away with less of it these days because, in general, their voters have become far more cynical and less trusting of the tired old federal-level Republican brand. I suspect that’s why so many of them are recently allergic to sunlight and choosing to retire.

  8. dad29

    Generally, T-man, Pubbie Pols lie about fixing stuff.

    They love to talk about what they WILL DO TO THE BASTARDS, but somehow it never gets done. Lindsey Graham has become a laughingstock because of that. That applies in Wisconsin, too; I predict that if there are any charges filed over the 2020 Fraud, they will be against some clerk-typist (as was the case in D.C./Russiagate.)

    Same failing–their complete failure to slap “social media” cancers. Paul Ryan was also very good at lying about how he was going to fix SocSec and Medicare. Uh-huh.

  9. Tuerqas

    “Heh. Republican politicians or Republican voters? ”

    That’s why I specified “elected republicans”, but yeah, I do think they get away with less and I agree with Dad too. Reps haven’t really done much in years other than talk so they mainly get ‘caught lying’ about stuff they said they would do, but didn’t. Take out Trump and what has any Republican done since 2008?

  10. Tuerqas

    Can you really blame Republican voters? They can’t really stop the Republican Party from putting up do nothing duds. And what are their choices other than mine, voting independent. When a non-lifer like Trump and Ron Johnson step in, they vote for them.

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