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2122, 04 Apr 21

Green Bay Officials Likely Broke Election Laws

From MacIver

Republican lawmakers seem to have the City of Green Bay cornered on its relationship with Dem political operative Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein. Whether Rubenstein was an employee, contractor, or observer is an unresolved question – but regardless of the answer, laws would have been broken.


The City of Green Bay received a $1.6 million grant to help run its election from the Center for Tech and Civic Life – a facebook funded activist organization. As part of the deal, Democrat political operative Michal Spitzer-Rubenstein was given full access to the city’s election process – including central count on election night.


The Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections heard testimony from Meagan Wolfe on Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2021. Wolfe is the administrator for the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). She said WEC has no authority to investigate, regulate, or even monitor outside groups relationships with local elections officials.


2122, 04 April 2021


  1. Jason

    Looks like Suckerperv might need to start donating to defense attorneys. Let’s not forget the origins of Facebook… pervy college virgin wanted people to post pictures of cute college girls. #Metoo indeed.

  2. Mar

    If you are getting money from Facebook for elections, you know it is for liberal purposes and not bi-partisan purposes.

  3. dad29

    The Brown County DA is a Lassee.

    Since it’s a foregone conclusion that the carpetbagger WI A.G. will never prosecute anything on this election, where’s Lassee on the issues?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Total liberal corruption.

    Nord cheers.

  5. Merlin

    Dems control the entire investigative apparatus here. The only real question is how deep they can bury it. The Lagina brothers have a better chance of finding treasure on Oak Island than we have of ever seeing any justice done over vote fraud anywhere that Democrats control the game.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Not at all, k. You are making stuff up again.


    The DA is named Lasee, pretty common GB name.

  7. Mar

    So, another post by Troll Boy.

  8. dad29

    ……..and pretty common (R) name, too.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    Will you denounce this obvious liberal corruption then?

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Geez, k, did you forget that you don’t get to tell me who, or what, to denounce? Your authoritarian panties are showing again..

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just seeing if you will take a specific stand against this vile liberal corruption.

    So far, answer is: No.

    You secretly cheer the corruption. Moral men stand up and say this kind of corruption is wrong without evading and dodging. Immoral men cheer in the shadows.

    Which are you?

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again,k. At least you are consistent.

    So far the jury is still out on if there were any illegal activities associated with the GB polling. And MacIver is far from an unbiased source. Nor are you and any of the usual suspects here on B&S.

    I’ll wait until charges are filed, testimony given, and a verdict reached. You know, the old “innocent until proven guilty” principle.

    BTW: You and all your ilk have been silent on the R congressman from FL and his underaged harem. Obviously, using your standards, you support and cheer him on. And you have the nerve to whine about morals. Hypocrite.

  13. Mar

    And another troll post from Troll Boy.
    ‘BTW: You and all your ilk have been silent on the R congressman from FL and his underaged harem. ”
    You mean the congressman who has been accused by unnamed sources and also by a guy who demanded money from the the congress critter’s father?
    Umm, ok. If he is guilty or appears to be gu if lty, then he is scum.
    But I see you, Le Roi are duckibg the issue of you being a troll.
    What a coward.

  14. MjM

    Nazi Nort learns the meaning of “self-own”: “’ll wait until charges are filed, testimony given, and a verdict reached”

    10 seconds later….

    “…the R congressman from FL and his underaged harem”

    Speaking of hypocrites, numbnutz, you honor the idiom ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ by routinely exhibiting hypocrisy so dang nicely.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    Irony is lost on you , eh mjm?

  16. Mar

    And another troll post from Troll Boy.
    When are you going to engage in legitimate conversation or are you just going make yourself look like a fool everytime you write?

  17. MjM

    Nazi Nort wonders: “Irony is lost on you , eh mjm?”

    Obviously, you do not know the meaning of that word. As I noted, we all have observed you continually talking out of both sides of your mouth, as you clearly demonstrated yet again above.

    Irony is a one-time thing. Your perpetual hypocrisy is a congenital character flaw. Sad that you can’t help yourself.

  18. dad29

    …continually talking out of both sides of your mouth…

    If he were really good at it he could be earning Fraud-ci’s money. But he’s not.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    Afraid to take a simple stand against corruption?

    I am old enough to remember you convicting Trump on false media reports swiftly and gleefully.

    You are awful. Just awful.

  20. Le Roi du Nord


    And you are old enough to know better than to make up tall tales, especially when you are so easily proven wrong. Isn’t lying a violation of your set of 10 rules?

  21. Mar

    And another troll post from Troll Boy.
    When are you going to defend your hero, Senile Joe? When are you going engage in a meaningful conversation?
    Come on Troll Boy, show us how smart you are.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    I always asked you for a specific example. You always seem fail when I ask.

    Why do you avoid the quetion to denounce the awful election corruption here?

    Afraid to take a stand against liberal political evil?

  23. Mar

    Kevin, Le Roi is just trolling here. He’s not interested in carrying on a conversation.
    He realizes he cannot win, so he’s been reduced to a babbling idiot.
    He will never critized a fellow liberal no matter how disgusting they, like that pervert judge. If you cannot condemn a liveral who watches babies being raped, well, that person has no soul and lack morals, Le Roi.
    And he’ll come back and say “wrong again, mar”. Like Senile Joe, he’s just a lying babbling idiot.

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    And, as always, you are wrong, mar.

    Could you explain how you keep score, so you know who wins your conversation? Most misspellings? Most names called? Most juvenile?

  25. Mar

    Since you refuse to engage in civil conversations, you are the loser. When was the last time you posted anything of substance?

  26. Le Roi du Nord

    You first, mar. When have ever posted anything truthful, or of merit?

  27. Mar

    Look at the 2nd post on this thread.
    Now, your turn

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    So a factually inaccurate post is something of “substance “ in your mind? Just like HCQ and Keith Hernandez, eh?

  29. Mar

    And another troll post from Troll Boy
    Go on Troll Boy, refute it.
    Still haven’t told me the last post you made that was relevant.

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