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2056, 26 Mar 21

Traffic Jam in Suez

The traffic jam at the Suez Canal is no joke.


2056, 26 March 2021


  1. Jason

    Can’t wait to see the mental gymnastics that will explain how this is causing a sharp price increase in gas, diesel, and in turn, milk, bread, and rice.

  2. Mar

    You know the terrorists are watching this.
    The conspiracy theorist in me says this was intentional.
    It was windy but not that windy. How much wind could have moved this ship to where it is at? Perhaps a F5 tornado? How come smaller ships have not had this problem?
    And they had Egyptians pilots on board to help guide the ship. Rookies? The JV team?
    But Jason is right, we will see spike in prices.

  3. Mar

    And this shows the stupidity of Biden and liberals.
    They shut down the Keystone pipeline and are going to make the US buy Middle East oil again with the government not allowing oil drilling on government land. And things like a single ship being grounded will cause more economic harm to the US.

  4. steveegg

    Easy, Jason. Much of the oil from the Middle East headed to (mostly) Europe and North/Central America normally goes through the Suez Canal It costs a lot more to go around Africa.

    Mar, from what I heard, that wind created a zero-visibility sandstorm. Given the prevalence of satellite navigation, it shouldn’t have been that big an issue.

  5. Mar

    Get Jamie Davis and the guys from Highway Thru Hell on the job. They’ll figure it out.

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