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2118, 20 Mar 21

Biden Administration Frustrated

Um, the entire point of these fixed term positions is to shield them from the vicissitudes of politics.

President Biden is facing increasing pressure to remove two Social Security Administration officials appointed by his Republican predecessor, a standoff that could test the limits of his ability to undo Donald Trump’s legacy.


The brewing controversy surrounds Andrew Saul and David Black, the agency’s commissioner and deputy commissioner, whom Trump appointed to fixed-term positions that don’t end until 2025. As term appointees, they can’t be removed by Biden except for cause, but unions and Capitol Hill alike are demanding that Biden find a way to remove them, accusing them of creating a toxic work environment, contributing to low morale due to staff cuts, and sidelining the agency’s administrative law judges.


The continued presence of the Trump appointees underscores the difficulties the Biden administration faces when trying to roll back some of the previous administration’s efforts to reshape the federal government. While traditional political appointees must resign or face being fired when a new administration comes in, presidents are also able to install fixed-term employees to boards and other government positions that can outlast their administration.


2118, 20 March 2021


  1. dad29

    “….unions….are demanding Biden remove….”

    That’s a key word.

    Remember the Post Office’s “crisis” late last year/early January under a Trump appointee?


  2. Mar

    I’m sure these same unions were crying when President Trump had to deal with appointees from the President Sparklefart administration. You should have heard the wailing back then.

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