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2115, 19 Mar 21

Wisconsin Closes Fair Park COVID Facility

How many tens of millions of dollars did we spend to house 170 patients?

The facility treated 170 people with COVID-19 between October 2020 and January 1, 2021. It also provided 37 individuals outpatient treatment at the Bamlanivimab (BAM) Infusion Clinic, which opened in late December.


2115, 19 March 2021

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  1. MjM

    To partially answer the question, we were told it took $15 million to contruct.

    How much to supply and staff (of which there were 50) for 5 months is anyone’s guess. So, I’d guess another $10-15 mill at least. Now add in the costs to deconstruct and unsupply and you’re looking a total of around $40 million.

    All for 170 coughers (the very least serious cases, who probably could have been sent home instead) over two months of actual operation (first patient Oct 21, last patient Dec 24).

    Put another way, the time to build and unbuild the facility will be 5 times longer than it’s operation.

    Attaboy, Phony.

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